Version 52.01

1. Summary

DF Studio’s previous full software update introduced Visual Screen Protection (VSP), a highly requested addition that was seamlessly adopted by many users. VSP is part of a wider effort to make DF Studio’s features easy to use and accessible from any location or device. An upcoming point release represents another big step towards achieving this goal: DF Studio is excited to announce completely redesigned Approval and Custom Messengers for mobile devices.

Messengers are often accessed from phones or tablets, both by DF Studio users and by recipients without accounts. Optimizing the mobile user experience is especially crucial for Approval and Custom Messengers, which require recipients to complete tasks on tight deadlines. These mobile Messenger workflows are now simpler and more intuitive than ever, more closely mirroring the Messenger experience in DF Studio’s desktop interface.

These enhancements will expedite critical parts of everyday workflows, enabling users to be productive in any situation. Because on-the-go workflows shouldn’t require compromising on accessibility, functionality, or security.

2. Mobile Messenger Features

Messenger recipients on mobile devices can choose to view assets in a thumbnail grid or larger 1-Up previews. Depending on the type of Messenger sent, a combination of Approvals, Edits, Conversations, and even downloads are available from an asset’s 1-Up viewing mode. Downloading PDF proofsheets of assets in a Messenger is also possible.

Thumbnail grids feature infinite scrolling to display all assets in a Messenger on one single page. Commonly used gestures including tapping, swiping, and pinching are available to help navigate through assets in a Messenger: please refer to the DF Studio Knowledge Base for a complete explanation of how to complete and submit a Messenger.

3. Approval Messengers

Recipients on mobile devices can approve or kill images in the 1-Up view by simply tapping the Yes or No button on each image card, and then swiping to advance to the next or previous image. To supplement approvals, Conversations are accessible in mobile Approval Messengers. Recipients submit and close the Messenger, with an option to enter any comments, after completing their approvals.

4. Custom Messengers

Custom Messengers feature the same select level buttons (1st select, 2nd select, kill, and clear) found in DF Studio’s desktop interface. Recipients on mobile devices can easily download assets, if the sender has enabled this option when configuring the Messenger. Conversations are also accessible in mobile Custom Messengers. Recipients submit and close the Messenger (with the option to add comments) once their selections are complete.

5. Multi-Messengers and LIVE Messengers

Multi-Messengers and LIVE Messengers sent using a Custom or Approval template have also been optimized for mobile devices. For Multi-Messengers, recipients select one Messenger at a time from a table of contents page until all Messengers have been completed, and then submit the Multi-Messenger to the sender. LIVE Messengers contain a refresh button to keep recipients up-to-date with the Messenger’s latest developments.

6. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the process of downloading subsets of images from LIVE Messengers.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message that appeared when recipients of Approvals Messengers went over their Approved/Killed percentages.
  • Fixed an error with downloading PDFs using the “PDF Proofsheet” feature.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a contact was removed from the address book.
  • Fixed an issue with the functionality of Share Links that referred to Portfolios (web-enabled Collections).