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The DF Studio team is proud to announce some significant new updates to DF Studio. Below is a list of some of the most notable changes:

  • The new Cold Storage feature provides a way to store infrequently used files at a much lower cost than Active Storage (read more about Cold Storage)
  • The new Files Perspective allows managing individual files in a project, with ability to filter by file type and storage class.
  • New preview creation logic ensures that you get the best looking previews possible when uploading a combination of RBG and RAW files.
  • File-handling intelligence has been improved to correctly group Capture One and Phocus files with their images.
  • The new Multi-Project Inspector allows performing operations on muliple projects at once, such as delete, move to folder, change storage type or calculate storage.
  • The new Storage Perspective in projects list replaces the former Archive tab. Storage information and management on the project level is now unified into a single place, also providing additional features like filtering on storage type or calculating the size of multiple selected projects or a folder.
  • An in-project progress indicator has been added, appearing when there is activity in the project such as images being uploaded or files moving to or from Cold Storage.
  • A new Setup Option has been added to the Web Uploader, giving the ability to choose or specify a setup for the uploaded images, matching the behavior found in DF Studio’s other upload tools.
  • Support for large screens has been improved by adding a 10-column thumbnail layout. (Thanks AS)
  • The quality of images has been improved when creating a PDF using the 1-up layout. (Thanks JK)
  • The Messenger Import feature now automatically imports the Sender’s Edit (when present) along with the photos and project information. (Business and Enterprise only) (Thanks ZD)

This update also includes many other smaller bug fixes and improvements. Many thanks to all those who helped report bugs and suggest improvements.

Do you have an idea you’d like to see implemented? Let us know by posting an idea or sending us feedback at