As production schedules become more demanding and teams collaborate more intensively, the DF Studio Collection is rapidly becoming the lynchpin of many workflows. The flexibility and configurability of Collections make them the go-to choice for gathering various sets of assets quickly, for sharing via a Messenger, for collaborating internally with Notes or visual annotations, or even as a temporary spot to set aside assets for use in another workflow. With Collections getting more use than ever before, DF Studio is delighted to announce that the #1 most requested feature is here at last: the ability to search within a Collection.

The feature functions exactly as it does when searching within a Project, allowing a general search or a complex query targeting specific metadata fields, all constrained to the contents of the specified Collection. There is no limit on the number of search results returned. This should make an exciting and useful time-saver for many workflows centered around Collections.

For more information, see Find Assets Within a Project or Collection

Enhancements were also made to the watermarking process and the upload configuration panel, along with performance boosts and bug fixes throughout the application.

Additional Enhancements:

Uploads & Assignments
  • When uploading to a Project which is currently filtered to a particular Setup, that Setup will be pre-selected as the default upload destination.
  • When selecting an existing Setup from the menu in the upload configuration panel, the “Existing Setup” option will be selected automatically.
Security & Protection
  • Adjusted watermark options to improve the performance and reliability of watermarks. “Scale” mode is now referred to as “Single,” and the “Cover” mode has been removed.

Plus a number of upgrades and bug fixes—see the Release Notes for details.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to DF Studio support with any feedback or questions about this release.