With a focus on collaboration and efficiency, DF Studio’s latest release incorporates a host of new and refined features built to streamline every workflow. New features under the Notes tab include visual annotations for an enhanced level of clarity when discussing DF Studio assets, as well as unprecedented collaboration functionality when sharing assets in a DF Studio Messenger. A completely re-engineered uploading experience makes it easier than ever to get files into DF Studio, with several enhancements to enable quick, intuitive customization of the storage options for imported assets. This allows a single upload operation to generate multiple new Projects or Library folders, and provides for fine-grained selection of Setup options.

Enhancements were also made to several existing features, including Mobile Messengers, metadata editing, managing files and folders, and the API. All of these improvements, along with performance enhancements and thorough attention to squashing bugs large and small, represent a software update that the DF Studio team is excited and proud to share with its users.

Visual Annotations:

Annotations in the Notes tab can be added to List Items and Comments.

Visual annotations represent an entirely new paradigm for communicating around images in DF Studio. With a full suite of drawing tools, they allow completely custom graphical markups of any kind to be added directly to the image preview and shared with other DF Studio users as well as Messenger recipients. Visual annotations can be added to illustrate individual comments, and can be reviewed together with their comment, or their constituent markups can be isolated for separate review. Markups can be drawn or reviewed at any zoom level on the image, and can be created and edited with ease. Sharing ideas about the features or intended usage of DF Studio assets has simply never been easier.

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Conversations in the Notes tab.

The Notes tab replaces the Conversations tab in the DF Studio Asset Inspector, and expands upon its offerings considerably. A Note spans an entire Project or Collection, organizing communication around all assets under a single topic or workflow for easy access and sharing. If needed, additional Notes can be created to contain information intended for other purposes—then, the appropriate Note can be attached to a Messenger for sharing with recipients who can review visual annotations and participate in Messenger Conversations. For the first time, DF Studio Messengers enable Group Conversations, allowing all recipients of a specific Messenger to comment directly in the same thread. Visual annotations can be added to any comment, and all comments can also be edited and deleted, if necessary. The Notes features provide structure and clarity to all forms of communication around DF Studio assets, with flexible sharing options to keep everyone in the loop.

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Improved Uploading Experience:

Drag-and-Drop folders and files into the new Upload Monitor, and then Organize Your Assets into Folders, Projects and Setups—all in your browser.

Every workflow in DF Studio begins with uploading assets to the account. In this release, the tools for completing that initial upload have been thoroughly overhauled to be quicker, easier to use, and provide unprecedented customization options to reduce the amount of time spent managing uploads and focus instead on getting to work with the new DF Studio assets. To begin with, the 2,500-file limitation for uploading through the web browser has been eliminated. Further, drag-and-drop uploading is now available to any DF Studio Project or Library folder, and each destination gets a dedicated upload window, making it easy to queue additional files without having to change screens in DF Studio.

The Upload Monitor tracks multiple sequential uploads to the same DF Studio Destination.

When uploading multiple folders, customizable tools allow for the creation of new Projects and Library folders as needed, meaning complex upload operations that formerly required several steps can now be done in a single process, without having to rearrange files on the desktop beforehand. Upload Users, as well as recipients using an Upload Key or Assignment Key, can take advantage of the same tools, making uploads hassle-free for everyone.

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Application Passwords and API Credentials

Admin users in DF Studio can also take advantage of a new feature to generate custom, secure API credentials for authenticating to the DF Studio Enterprise Asset API, and all users can create single-use application passwords for a secure and compartmentalized approach for accessing their accounts through external applications and plug-ins. For more information, see: Manage Application Passwords and API Credentials

Additional Enhancements:

  • A link has been added for reviewing the contact information of a Messenger sender, for more consistent accessibility across all Messenger templates and platforms.
  • Download options are now available in the configuration for new Metadata Messengers.
  • Mobile Messenger performance has been improved for Messengers containing over 1,000 images.
  • Buttons for appropriate Messenger actions are offered in the Table of Contents for Multi-Messengers.
  • The swiping navigation on Mobile Messengers has been enhanced to make it more intuitive.
  • Browser-level spell-checking is now enabled in the Message field when creating a new Messenger.
Asset Storage
  • The automated generation of preview images has been improved for greater storage efficiency.
  • All text-searchable metadata fields are now included when conducting a global search.
Uploads & Assignments
  • Web-based upload operations are no longer capped at 2,500 individual files transferred.
  • Support for the processing of CR3, RAF, and NEF raw image formats has been improved.
  • Support for processing HEIC/HEIF images has been added.
  • Drag-and-drop uploading is now supported for all browser-based uploads, including Upload Users and recipients of Upload Keys or Assignment Keys.
  • Since the Upload button now opens the re-engineered upload window, the buttons for Upload Keys, Messenger Import, and uploading with DFS Speed Link were moved from the Upload overlay to the Project Inspector.
  • The Upload Key overlay has been updated for improved clarity.
File Management & Organization
  • The search limit has been increased to return 10,000 matches instead of a maximum of 5,000.
  • The Default Setup in DF Studio Projects has been renamed to “No Setup” for greater clarity.
  • New Projects are no longer automatically renamed if their name is an exact match for an existing Project.
Security & Protection
  • The VSP overlay now displays on video previews while playing.
  • The Browser Verification email notification has been reformatted to make it easier to copy and paste the verification code.
  • A user-generated password is required when logging in using a temporary user password created by DF Studio support staff.
  • An approximated location has been added to the Messenger PIN notification message, based on the IP address of the user requesting Messenger access.
  • DF Studio’s Browser Verification feature can now be enabled for appropriate users on DF Studio accounts configured for single sign-on (SSO) authentication.
  • A list of verified browsers can now be viewed for appropriate users on DF Studio accounts configured for SSO authentication.
API & Integration
  • When generating a PDF proofsheet including a missing image, placeholder images are now included instead of a blank space.
  • The zoom tool has been enhanced when analyzing image previews in 1-Up view.
  • Zoom performance has been improved when zooming using a mouse scroll wheel.

Plus dozens and dozens of upgrades and bug fixes—see the Release Notes for details.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to DF Studio support with any feedback or questions about this release. To learn more about this update, please review the following detailed guides from the DF Studio Knowledge Base:

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