DF Studio Workflows Now Fully Support Video Assets

Over the years, regular updates to DF Studio’s functionality have worked to assimilate video assets into the same workflows supported for still imagery, and the latest release proudly completes that effort. With video assets now able to accept customized watermarks, DF Studio has incorporated a fully functional, first-class feature set for video. From upload and metadata ingestion through common organizational and approval workflows, to secure distribution, video assets coexist with still images every step of the way.

Still Image Video Asset
Upload x x
Metadata Ingestion x x
Preview Generation x x*
Select Levels x x
Custom Metadata x x
Messengers x x
Custom Watermark x x*
Notes x x
Conversations x x
Visual Annotations x
*(fees apply)

In order to deliver this feature set, nominal fees will apply when performing “transcoding,” which is a computationally intensive process to generate a playable preview video within the DF Studio account, or to generate a preview video with a custom watermark superimposed. These market rate charges will be billed on an as-used basis, whenever video files are uploaded or included in a Messenger with watermarking enabled. Video files will be encoded at 720p HD resolution at 30 frames per second, at a cost of approximately $0.03 per minute of video duration.

This release also incorporates performance improvements when working with assets in the proofsheet or 1-Up view, along with other interface refinements. For additional information about enhancements and bug fixes included in this release, please review the Release Notes.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to DF Studio support with any feedback or questions about this release.