DF Studio is pleased to announce a wide-ranging update to the popular and handy DF Studio Downloader app. This concise, lightweight app is used by hundreds of DF Studio customers and Messenger recipients each day to streamline the process of downloading files from DF Studio, and the latest release improves the experience in every way.

Version 1.6.3 of the DFS Downloader app can be downloaded for free from the support website: https://dfstudio.com/support

Both macOS and Windows operating systems are supported, and the latest version updates the installation process to make it quicker and simpler. For instructions on upgrading, see the following illustrated knowledge base guide: Uninstall and Upgrade the DFS Downloader App.

Future updates will be even faster, as the improved installer will automatically remove prior versions going forward. Additional enhancements to boost performance and support the latest network security protocols make this a powerful update, and one that is recommended for all users.

This update also incorporates a number of bug fixes for minor issues, as well as refinements to the interface. For additional information about enhancements and bug fixes included in this release, please review the Release Notes.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to DF Studio support with any feedback or questions about this release.