Approvals, Edits, and Collaboration

Approval Messenger

Approval Messengers manage and streamline the photo approval process. Recipients receive a simple “Yes/No” interface for every asset in an Approval Messenger, with options to add feedback and begin real-time conversations.

Learn more about the Approval Messenger template from the DF Studio Knowledge Base. 

Approval Tracking

A visual, zero-click interface enables users to view and track the status of approved, killed, and pending assets included in Approval Messengers.

Click on a link to learn more about navigating the mobile Messenger interface or completing a mobile Messenger. 


Users can edit assets in one click, with Select buttons under each file’s thumbnail preview. Each select level—1st, 2nd, and Kill—is associated with its own color and icon, and Select levels can be cleared at any time. For convenient batch editing, keyboard shortcuts are always available.

Click on the link to learn more setting select levels, creating and managing edits, and combining edits in DF Studio. 

Mobile Messengers

Approval and Custom Messengers are fully optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Edits, photo approvals, downloads, and conversations are all convenient and easy to use for Messenger recipients—no matter where they are.

Click on the link to learn more about Mobile Messengers.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For bulk image edits, utilize keyboard shortcuts to save time and remain in your current preview perspective. Press 1 to mark an image as a first select, 2 to mark it as a second select, 3 to set the image to killed,and 4 to clear the current edit.

Visit the DF Studio Knowledge base and learn more about setting select levels.

Preview Perspectives

Different perspectives are available for convenient, precise editing. These include the 1-Up perspective, the largest available preview size; 2-Up, a large preview that compares 2 assets side-by-side; and several size options for thumbnail previews in the proof sheet view.

Editing in Messengers

Messengers can be customized for editing workflows. Recipients can edit files in one click and send their Selects back to senders for review.


Create Multiple Edits

Multiple edits for any number of files are easy to create and filter through. Users in charge of editing a Project can use filters to toggle between any edit created in DF Studio or a Messenger.

Click on the link to learn more about creating and managing edits and combining edits in DF Studio.

Combine Selects into Final Edit

Users can painlessly combine and merge Edits into a Final Select. For immediate savings on storage rates, archive non-selects in Cold Storage.

Visit DF Studio’s Knowledge Base and learn more about Combining Edits.



Share Links

Share Links facilitate easy collaboration between DF Studio users in the same account. A Share Link can point to any Library item (individual asset, Project, folder, or Collection), providing users with a channel to share their work and progress.

Visit the DF Studio Knowledge Base and learn more about sharing links to assets and containers.

Shared Collections

Shared Collections are designed to accommodate the workflows of multiple Users or Teams, even if they’re working on the same files. Teams can work alongside one another, without duplicating files or worrying about overwriting work.

Click on the link to learn more about Collections and their uses.



Use Conversations to receive and provide feedback on images in real time, without leaving the DF Studio interface.

Read more about Conversations in the DF Studio Knowledge Base.