Asset Storage

Active Storage

Each DF Studio account includes a preset amount of data Active Storage. Additional Active Storage is available at all times.

Visit the DF Studio Knowledge Base to learn more about Active Storage.


Cold Storage

Archive or store infrequently used files in Cold Storage for savings on storage costs. Data in Cold Storage can be reverted back to Active Storage easily and quickly, at any time.

Click the link to learn more about Cold Storage.


Auto-Warm allows Users to send Messengers from Projects whose files are in Cold Storage. Delivery of the Messenger will be delayed until all files are in Active Storage, so Users don’t have to manually initiate—or wait for file warming—before sending Messengers.

Cooling State

To reduce waiting time and save Users money, files are staged in a Cooling State before fully entering Cold Storage. Files in Cooling can be immediately warmed to Active Storage.

Click the link to visit the DF Studio Knowledge Base and learn more about storage states.