Asset Upload

DFS Speed Link

Upload files without interrupting your work in DF Studio using DFS Speed Link, our standalone upload application. Upload thousands of files—and even entire folder structures—from your desktop at once, and track their progress in real time.

Click on any of the following links to visit the Knowledge Base and learn more about: DFS Speed Link, logging into DFS Speed Link, uploading files to a single Project or uploading to multiple Projects.

Web Uploader

Access reliable, high-speed uploads from any device. Enjoy secure uploads from photoshoots, production sets, or even smartphones—no shipping fees, messenger services, or waiting for hard-drive delivery.

Learn more about using the Web Uploader from the DF Studio Knowledge Base.

Upload-Only Users

Allow photographers and collaborators to initiate uploads without giving them access to your library or taking up an account user’s spot. You can rest easy knowing that files get where they need to go, and that your content stays private.

Click to learn more about creating upload-only users or upload user workflows.

B2B File Transfers

Seamlessly transfer files to domestic and international distributors, content streaming sites, and business partners. No more lost hard drives, shipping costs, or slow manual uploads and downloads.

To learn more about this powerful feature, read DF Studio’s Knowledge Base article on Messenger Imports.


Plug-Ins are available for Light Room and Photo Mechanic to simplify
file upload and ingestion.

Click to learn more about uploading files using DF Studio’s Lightroom plugin.


Assignment tools create a direct pipeline to photographers and other collaborators. Assignment recipients have all the information they need to complete their work in one place, while senders don’t have to worry about processing, uploading, or locating files.

Click on a link to visit the DF Studio Knowledge Base and learn more about sending Assignments or uploading files with Assignment keys.

Project Details

Just set the location, deadline, and subject of the assignment: we’ll
generate and send the assignment along with all your instructions. Information entered as Project Details can also become a Project’s default metadata.

Upload Keys


Collaborators with DF Studio account holders utilize project-specific keys during file uploads. These unique Upload Keys ensure that files end up in the proper destination folder—without sharing any information about the sender’s account or library with uploading parties.

To learn more, refer to the DF Studio Knowledge Base article on Upload Keys.