Feature Highlights

Mobile Messengers

Approval and Custom Messengers are fully optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Edits, photo approvals, downloads, and conversations are all convenient and easy to use for Messenger recipients—no matter where they are.

Click on a link to learn more about navigating the mobile Messenger interface or completing a mobile Messenger. 

Visual Screen Protection (VSP)

Content that’s exclusive or time-sensitive should be protected, even when you’re away from the office: VSP helps safeguard content when you’re on set or on the go. Enabling VSP displays text over asset previews, including thumbnails, to obscure the contents of your asset Library. Customize VSP to work exactly where and when you need it.

Find more information about configuring VSP in this article from DF Studio’s Knowledge Base.

Image Watermarking

Watermark any image sent from DF Studio without the painful and time-consuming effort of manually watermarking images on your desktop. A customizable watermarking tool set allows for a precise level of control over the mark’s appearance, size, placement, and opacity—all conveniently built into DF Studio’s Messenger Wizard interface.

To learn more, read our Knowledge Base article about image watermarking.

Approval Tracking

Effortlessly track the status of photo approvals with a convenient color-coded display on all assets that have been sent out for approval; more detailed information – such as who approved or killed an asset and when – is readily available from this useful and dynamic zero-click interface.

Click on a link to visit the Knowledge Base and learn more about  DF Studio’s Approvals View or Asset Approval Status.

User & Team Permissions

Permissions control access to Projects, Collections, folders, and assets; for teams and larger organizations, they allow fine levels of control over users’ access to the functions of DF Studio. Managing access in your DF Studio Library is an easy way to add fully adjustable levels of security to your assets.

To learn more, read our Knowledge Base article about controlling access with permissions.