Initial Import

Smart mapping and merging of metadata during initial file ingestion ensures a clean metadata record for all files in DF Studio. All identically named file formats, like JPG, TIFF, and XMP files, are stacked during  import and associated with unified metadata.

EXIF, IPTC, and XMP standards are all supported.

Import from File

CSV files with metadata can be uploaded for any group of files. Our system will match and assign this metadata to the files’ proper fields.

Click the link to learn more about importing and exporting metadata in DF Studio.

Custom Fields

Enterprise clients can create custom metadata fields to seamlessly match their organizations’ metadata templates. Custom fields can be arranged and grouped in any order for each account or sub-branded account.

Badged Field Interface

Enterprise clients can create a custom field that drives a visual badge system in the DF Studio interface. Badges serve as at-a-glance references to important information, such as embargoed, exclusive, killed, or approved assets. All categories and badges are chosen by account administrators and are designed to work with organizational priorities.

Metadata Handling

Metadata written or edited in DF Studio is written back into
all instances of the file, eliminating confusing sidecar files and mismatched versions of metadata.

Inline Editing

A clean, intuitive interface allows editors to search, filter, and
edit metadata fields for any number of files at once.

Click the link to read more about editing asset metadata in DF Studio.

Faceted Search

Metadata-driven faceted search results help you find exactly what you’re looking for, the first time. Search by item type, keyword, tag, or any other relevant file metadata.

Visit the Knowledge Base to learn more about DF Studio’s advanced search capabilities.

Manage Metadata Terms

Editing Metadata Terms empowers accounts to control the metadata vocabulary used in a Project, folder, or even the entire Library. This feature has many useful applications: it prevents mismatched information, misspellings, and typos, and saves editors hours of valuable time on each editing project.

Click the link to learn more about managing metadata terms and controlled metadata vocabularies.