WordPress Integration

Asset Publishing enables DF Studio users to send assets to their remote WordPress site automatically, without the added steps of downloading and re-uploading the files.

Click on the link to visit the DF Studio Knowledge Base and learn more about Publishing Assets to a WordPress site.

Web Portfolios

Web Portfolios allow Users to instantly publish any Collection to the web. Portfolios present as online galleries with customizable layouts and behaviors. Send any Portfolio directly from your DF Studio Library; copy and share its unique and secure link; or embed it into your website or blog!

Click on the link to learn more about online sharing using Web Portfolios.


Messengers send any number of files without attachments, hard drives, or upload servers. All Messengers are delivered through lightweight, secure links with adjustable expiration dates. They’re fast, weightless, and can be sent from anywhere. 

To learn more about Messengers, visit the following Knowledge articles about Messenger templates and configuration and security options for Messengers.

Downloadable, Printable Proof Sheets

Downloading or printing a PDF proofsheet has never been easier. DF Studio can generate a printable proofsheet from the grid view of any Messenger. The grid layout is customizable and the PDF file can be downloaded to the mobile device or opened in another app. Say goodbye to shipping and waiting for prints!

Learn more about printing proofsheets from the DF Studio Knowledge Base.