Data Security

DF Studio is hosted solely in Amazon Web Services. We implement security best practices to meet not just industry-based compliance, but the most stringent requirements.

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All communications with DF Studio servers are encrypted using industry standard HTTPS over public networks, meaning the traffic between you and DF Studio is always secure.

Regular Penetration Testing

DF Studio voluntarily undergoes regular third-party penetration testing, which evaluates the application’s security practices and ensures that no vulnerabilities exist that would compromise data.  

2 Factor Authentication

All DF Studio accounts require browser authentication whenever an unrecognized browser is used to sign in. This simple, effective measure prevents unauthorized account logins: after receiving a notification email, users can either authenticate their new browsers or, if necessary, change their usernames and passwords.


Our robust and comprehensive permissions model ensures that sensitive content is protected from unauthorized viewing, sending, publishing, editing, and more.

Image Watermarking

Image watermarking prevents leaks and unauthorized use of sensitive content. Text or image marks can be overlaid onto image previews automatically, within seconds.

Messenger Tracking

All Messengers and Messenger downloads can be tracked by Account Administrators. Further information—such as device, browser, and IP Address—is also available on a per Messenger basis.

Private Collections

For worry-free work, Users handling sensitive content can create Private Collections that are invisible to other account Users.

Account Activity Reporting

Account administrators can view and monitor recent actions performed in their DF Studio accounts. Filters include user, action, date of start or change, runtime, and percent complete.

Link Expiration Controls

To prevent unwanted forwarding and opening, any files sent out of DF Studio, e.g. Messengers and Web Portfolios, feature adjustable expiration dates.