Earlier this fall, DF Studio released a software update that included Library-based permissions. It was a major release that required extensive back-end work, and development took several months to complete. So far we’ve heard a lot of great feedback, and are delighted to report that the new permissions model was immediately received as an invaluable addition to DF Studio. Features from this update have been adopted by our Business and Enterprise clients and have already begun improving their teams’ workflows.

But we knew we could do better. So we continued to fine-tune features down to their smallest details and developed some new concepts, with one goal in mind: to make DF Studio bigger, better, and easier to use. In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating all DF Studio sites with a point release. Its adjustments are designed to make Library Permissions more consistent and useful, and it also contains some fixes for bugs we’ve encountered since the last update.

Library Permissions Panel

Library Permissions Panel

Refinements to Permissions:

Here are the changes we’ve made to enhance and clarify what Permissions can do. For your convenience, you can also view this information by navigating to the Permissions panel and hovering your mouse over each setting.

  • To create new Projects or folders, a User will need to have the permission “Create Projects/Folders”. This permission does not impact the User’s ability to create a Collection.
  • “Organize Files” gives a User permission to rename Files, move them between Setups in a Project, and change storage; it does not grant the ability to add or delete Library items.
  • Added a new “Upload” permission, which allows uploading images into existing Projects.
  •  The “Download” permission allows downloading original files that are in Active Storage. When sending a Messenger, a User with “Download” permissions may also access the download original files setting in the Messenger Wizard.
  • “Write Metadata” allows users to write new Metadata or modify existing information in the specified location. Any User who can view files is able to view the files’ Metadata.
  • “Edit Selects” allows creating and combining select levels for images in the specified location.
  • To create a shared Collection: A new permission called “Share Collections” has been added for Collection sharing and collaboration. To create a shared Collection, a User must have the “Share Collections” permission for all the images in the Collection AND on the source Project. Share Collections also allows a User to add or remove from other shared Collections in that location.
  • Users can always create a Private Collection from any images they’re able to view.
  • The “Send” permission allows a User to send a Messenger or publish a Portfolio.
  • The specific control for “Contacts” has been removed. All Users will be allowed to access the Contacts in their accounts.
User Permissions

User Permissions

Other Enhancements:

  • Added a feature to the Messenger Wizard that allows the sender to control whether the recipient’s edits will be shared with other Users in the DF Studio account. This setting is available for both “Custom” and “Approval” Messenger templates.
  • Added an “Add from Bin” feature to Collections. The button, located in the Inspector menu, will add all files in the Bin to the current Collection.
  • Added extra security measures to further randomize automatically generated passwords.
  • Previews are now treated as JPEG files to optimize preview quality. To replace a preview, upload a new, preview-preferred file.
  • Updated the Web Uploader to accommodate the drag-and-drop process multiple times within the same upload session.
  • Refined the type-ahead fields for contacts to improve their accuracy.
  • Updated folder selectors when creating new Projects, Collections, or folders.

Bug Fixes:

  • Uploading RAW files now generates better preview images.
  • The Inspector in the 1-Up and 2-Up views now allows toggling between the Image Inspector and Collection Inspector tabs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused extra results to appear in Contacts type-ahead fields.
  • Fixed a bug that generated an error in the Advanced Search feature.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented selections of multiple Assignments from being closed.
  • Fixed the email auto-fill field in the “Add Assignment” feature.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented trial account Users from adding their payment information after their trials expired.
  • Fixed a bug that threw an error when importing from a Multi-Project Messenger.
  • Fixed the account logo image in Messengers for Personal and EDU accounts.

Thank you to everyone who provided us with comments and insights. If you have any questions or need further information, please reach out to us by emailing support@dfstudio.com. Getting feedback from real DF Studio users ensures that, as we keep growing and adding features, your workday just keeps getting better and better.

Click on the link below to read the full release notes.