DF Studio is putting the finishing touches on another exciting software release, filled with several in-demand feature sets. Its core focus is to expedite workflows by providing vital information at first glance. Put more simply, the driving concept of the update is accessibility — finding the right information at the right time is about to get a whole lot easier. Here’s a glimpse into just a few of the many things coming your way:

New Approvals User Interface (UI):

This season’s update contains an Approvals UI that displays assets’ approval status using unique color-coded overlays. In conjunction with a comprehensive History tab, users will be able to see instantly whether an image has been approved or killed, used in a Messenger, and/or published. Information about who performed each action and when it occurred is also readily available in this new History tab.

Metadata Enhancements:

To streamline workflows by keeping vital information close at hand, a new feature called “Edit Metadata Terms” has been added. This powerful tool allows users to enter keywords, names, or Project information that will appear as options when editing in type-ahead metadata fields. Importing metadata using a .CSV file is also possible with this latest release.

Inspector Updates:

This release debuts a completely refreshed Inspector panel designed to present comprehensive asset information in a contextual, easily navigable way. It is broken down into 4 tabs: Info, History, Metadata, and Conversations. The Inspector is dynamic, with data and actions that change based on the selection.

Asset Publishing:

Last, but certainly not least, DF Studio has created an Asset Publishing tool that seamlessly pushes content to clients’ WordPress sites. Asset Publishing can not only help track assets and their usage histories, but will also save countless hours of downloading, uploading, and retagging metadata for published assets.

All together, these exciting new features add up to a more versatile, convenient, and easy-to-use product. Stay tuned for more updates from the DF Studio team!