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DF Studio Messenger makes sharing your images with private recipients easy and secure. Multiple templates and features target specific workflows:

The Messenger Wizard

  • The Download Messenger template can be used to send retouchers large original TIFF files.
  • The Approval Messenger template provide a simple Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down interface and allow limiting the percentage of rejected images, eliminating the need to deliver hard-copy contact sheets to talent.
  • Images can be watermarked and scaled to specific dimensions for layout / FPO purposes.

A sample DF Studio Messenger Email

Access history is easily reviewed for all recipients, showing dates and IP addresses with link to geolocation information. All recipient links have independent/editable expiration dates.

Send as many as you like — there are no limits on the size and number of shared images, the number of recipients, or the number of Messengers — no extra fees.