Studio Editing

Posted on May 10, 2013 in

Studio Editing

Editing Tools Detail

DF Studio offers an unparalleled experience in online editing, allowing photography professionals and their collaborators to select from proofs of their uploaded images. DF Studio has efficient and unique online editing tools that help the user to quickly make selections, obtain approvals from clients, combine edits and deliver originals.

Once selections are made, images can be filtered down by select levels and added to Collections or Web Portfolios, enabling users to organize their work and combine images from various projects into other groupings without duplicating originals.

Final selected images may be shared with clients or vendors with watermarking options. Non-selects may be archived in Cold Storage. DF Studio has no limits on storage space and is built to support millions of photos. As the library expands, images are still quickly and easily found by searching on a variety of keyword and metadata fields.


Proofsheet View (sidebars hidden)

2-Up View (sidebars visible)