Upload & Import

Posted on Nov 15, 2013 in

Upload & Import

Getting files into DF Studio is easy thanks to a variety of upload options. Plugins are available on our Support page for industry-standard desktop tools such as Lightoom, PhotoMechanic and Aperture. DF Studio’s own desktop application, DFS Speed Link, excels at uploading large volumes of images to DF Studio and adds additional features like the ability to set a Watch Folder to automatically upload new files while shooting tethered.

DF Studio's built-in web uploader

DF Studio’s built-in web uploader

DF Studio is also equipped with its own in-browser uploader that is capable of handling thousands of files at a time. The web uploader can be used by contributing photographers for quick, reliable uploads without the need to install additional tools. DF Studio’s Upload Key feature even allows uploading to a single project without a login.

DF Studio accepts all file types. All common document formats are recognized, and accurate previews are generated for hundreds of raw formats and most PDF and vector files. Same-named files with different extensions (such as JPG/TIFF/PSD or CaptureOne sidecar files) are automatically grouped into a single preview image. Individual file types can be managed at a granular level in DF Studio’s Files Perspective giving users unparalleled control over online file management and cloud storage options.