Version 2023.2.6

Updated 6/6/2024

DF Studio is pleased to announce its latest software release, which is now being deployed to all accounts. As always, please reach out to DF Studio’s support team with any feedback or questions.


  • When configuring a Messenger, the notifications regarding assets to be automatically restored from Cold Storage have been adjusted to improve clarity.
  • Messengers now feature a notification to clarify when a particular view is empty due to filtering.
Asset Workflows & Organization
  • The zoom functionality from the 1-Up view has been added to the 2-Up/Compare view as well.
  • In the metadata overlay, the buttons for saving data or filtering the field list have been locked in place so they are accessible even when scrolling through the content in the overlay.

Bug Fixes

  • Patched a misconfiguration which prevented the visual annotations feature from being active in Messengers.
  • Fixed an anomaly which could cause failures when generating watermarked Messenger previews under certain conditions.
Account Management
  • Resolved a problem which could cause credit card billing to fail under certain account conditions.
Asset Workflows & Organization
  • Addressed an issue which could cause errors when creating a new Collection with no assets in it.
  • Repaired a configuration in order to retain the current view (for example, thumbnails or 1-Up) when adding an asset to a Collection using the “Add to and View” option.
  • Corrected a defect which caused the second preview in 2-Up view to resize incorrectly when adjusting the size of the web browser window.
  • Fixed a bug which caused an asset to become selected when clicking the icon to open Quick Look.
  • Mitigated a problem which caused the “copy” button revealed when hovering the mouse pointer over truncated text to become unusable.
  • Rectified an anomaly which could display a confusing title when opening the “New Project” overlay.

Additional Fixes

  • Addressed an issue which failed to enforce the “kill” threshold on Approval Messengers when using keyboard shortcuts or selecting multiple assets.
  • Added shareLink property to the asset details when querying the DF Studio Enterprise Asset API.