The DF Studio team is proud to announce that we’ve entered the final testing phase for our next major product update.  We’ve spent a lot of time adding new features, fixing bugs, and tweaking the product based on your feedback and suggestions.  We hope this new release will provide you with an even better and more complete DF Studio experience.

Read on for an explanation of what’s on deck, and how you can use our newest features to get the most from DF Studio.

Library Permissions 101:

We’ve upgraded our previous system of role-based permissions to a new, user-based “Library permissions” system. Library permissions are a simple set of powerful controls that allow users to view, edit, or share assets; write or update metadata; and upload or download images.

With DF Studio’s new permissions system, securing your digital assets becomes an easy and agile process. You will be able to protect your Library at a more refined level than ever before, providing each user with just the right permissions needed to get her job done.  And no matter how complicated your permission requirements may be, the system is designed to be intuitive and to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow. If you’re interested in this feature, you can read more about it in our Library Permissions blog post.

Not using permissions? There’s more in this update that might interest you.

Publish a Web Portfolio Instantly:


Web Portfolios are now created by publishing Collections in the Library. To create a Web Portfolio, first create a Collection and then select the “Create Web Portfolio” button, located in the Inspector. (You’ll need to add a title and template information to the Collection to create the Portfolio.) Use the Web Tab to view and modify existing Portfolios.

Updates to Collections:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.31.21 PM

Our new Library permissions model affords users more choices than ever over their workflows. DF Studio Business and Web users with sharing permissions enabled will be able to create shared Collections. All account users with viewing permissions will be able to see shared Collections.

Enterprise accounts will be able to create three types of Collections: private, shared, and custom.

  • Private: A Collection can now be created privately, allowing a user to add any image they can view to the Collection.
  • Shared: Shared collections are visible to all users in the account with permissions for the contained images.
  • Custom: Custom permissions can be used by the owner of a Collection to make it visible to specific users and teams.

Other Enhancements:

  • Browser Verification emails now contains a clickable link that authenticates the new browser, eliminating the extra step of copying and pasting the code.
  • Assignments now support messages longer than 1024 characters.
  • The navigation bar contains a new Collections button, which displays every collection in the account, sorted by creation date and displayed according to each user’s permissions.


  • The Dashboard layout has been updated to be more relevant to each user. It now features bookmarks and recently visited Projects.
  • The date picker in Project Details has been updated.
  • In Advanced Search, a new text field has been added to search for folder names.

Advanced Search

Bug Fixes:

In addition to this enhanced set of permissions, there are many bug fixes and UI improvements in this release.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented watermarking in Web Portfolios when the preference was checked.
  • Fixed an unintended behavior where images in Multi-Messengers appeared unsorted. Images are now sorted by filename.
  • Fixed an unintended behavior in Multi-Messengers that displayed the table of contents in unsorted order. Project names are now sorted alpha-numerically.
  • Fixed a bug where Auto-Warming was not being triggered when sending Live Messengers, which in turn was preventing the Messenger and notifications from being sent.
  • Fixed a bug in the Messenger that displayed the wrong image when selecting in thumbnails view and switching to one-up view.
  • Fixed a bug that left folders “orphaned” when moving folders containing subfolders.
  • Fixed a redundancy in the Bin that showed an “Add to Bin” option in the Actions menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the Project Details page that prevented keyframes from being generated for Setups.
  • Fixed a bug in the download process that produced subfolders in the downloaded folder when the project name, setups or details contained a slash.
  • Fixed a bug in the Messenger tab where double-clicking a Multi-Messenger would transport the user to the first project without displaying the table of contents of the Messenger.

For more information on this latest software release or to inquire about scheduling a training, please reach out to DF Studio’s Support team by clicking here. Enjoy the update…we’re already working on the next one!