Flexible, on-demand photo services managed by specialists in film and television production workflows.

Customize the perfect workflow from our menu of services:

Asset Upload

Upload and ingestion services for when time or bandwidth is limited.

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Metadata and Tagging

Leverage the power of metadata to enhance search and organization.

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A clean, consistent metadata record is crucial to a searchable and well-organized library, but tagging and editing thousands of files can be prohibitively time-consuming. Our editors can quickly and effectively build your metadata vocabulary, keeping names and key terms consistent across the entire library.

  • Identify and tag actors and key personnel.
  • Add action keywords based on shot types: Behind-the-Scenes, Scene Coverage, Call Sheets, Plates.
  • Add any other standard metadata including location data, copyright, credit, headline, photographer name, orientation vertical/horizontal, and format full/medium/close-up.
  • Create and include custom metadata fields in your DF Studio account to match any requirements.

Talent Approvals

Start-to-finish talent approval service that includes identifying and tagging talent and key personnel.

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The DF Studio team can oversee all aspects of photo approvals, including following up with talent and their publicists, tracking progress, and ensuring that images are fully approved to contractual standards by all parties prior to use. With our mobile interface, talent-friendly Approvals can be completed from any device, making the process faster for everyone and more streamlined than ever before.

  • Identify and tag actors and key personnel.
  • Manage contractual talent approvals.
  • Organize and sort talent, both singles and group.
  • Prepare and send out Approval Messengers.
  • Follow up directly to complete the approval process.
  • Coordinate communication with talent, their reps, studio or publicity teams as directed.
  • At the conclusion of production, you’ll easily access all approved and rejected images — with a complete history available — through your team’s DF Studio account.

Photo Editing

Wide Edits and Key Set groupings, created and customized for you by industry professionals

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Our experienced photo editors can curate the perfect set of photography to ensure that your project is ready for its close-up. Whether you need a Wide Edit, a Key Set, or another focused collection of stills, you’ll obtain the strongest, most dynamic set of images to best present your production to the public.

  • Provide high quality photo editors.
  • Create first and second selects as well as a refined key set of images.
  • Manage the creation of these selects in wide edits and key set groupings for content.

Photo Assignments

Scheduling, coordination, and seamless communication for photo shoots and unit still coverage.

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General Photo Services

Time-saving options on-demand for administration, organization, and sharing of your asset library via DF Studio.

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Our on-demand photo workforce is ready to assist you in maintaining your DF Studio account and tackling tough projects.

  • Send DF Studio Messenger links on behalf of Company.
  • Quality Control and supervision of remote ingestions.
  • Download and delivery of assets from DF Studio.
  • Organize and stack assets.
  • Organize and create Setups/Collections.
  • Rename assets.
  • Cross-post Projects.
  • Transfer assets from 3rd party systems to DF Studio.

All services are provided through DF Studio, the entertainment industry’s preferred platform for digital photography production and workflow. 

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Assistance with camera and equipment rental and photographic services is also available through DF Studio's association with DigitalFusion.

Digital Capture and Equipment Rental Services

  • Unit Coverage
  • Staffing and Digital Techs
  • Equipment Rental
  • Uploads

Post-Production Photographic Services

  • Color Correction
  • Retouching and Compositing
  • Scanning
  • Printing and Framing

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