Let’s Make History Together

Whether you’re working with historical, museum, or family archives, every step of the process matters. Decades of experience managing vast media libraries combined with versatile, state-of-the-art software position DF Studio as the unparalleled experts in building and preserving archives.

Our team can help digitize and scan files; set up an organized and searchable library; and provide low-cost storage for the long term.

Let’s Get Digital

Surrounded by boxes of photos? Convert your film into a digital archive. Your assets will be safe, centralized, and easy to access. Keeping an organized Library online means less maintenance and more control over all your archived files.

Your Files, Your Way

Organize your archive on your terms. DF Studio lets you create unlimited Projects, Collections, and folders for your files. You can even group assets together by theme, author, or date in multiple Collections without duplicating files.

The Search Is Over

Finding the right image at the right time can be stressful. DF Studio features state-of-the-art metadata tools to make tagging and finding your images simple. Searching by any metadata field means you’re never more than a few seconds away from what you need.

It’s All in the Family

Need to preserve documents? We can scan and create a digital archive of your legacy database, so that history can last a lifetime.

Bulk scanning, printing, and even image re-sale are available through DigitalFusion, with all digitized images conveniently searchable through DF Studio. Plus, save up to 90% on storing older or infrequently used files with our unique Cold Storage setting.