The Keys to Your Content

Find the picture that’s worth a thousand words. Whether it’s book, magazine, or electronic publishing, DF Studio makes it easy to stay organized and get creative.

File Uploads, Faster than Ever

Photographers or digital techs can upload files from anywhere directly to your Project. No more waiting for files means fewer delays, no lost hard-drives, and a organized clean start with no extra work.

Improving Approvals

Send approval requests as soon as files are uploaded into DF Studio. Our visual, color-coded interface will keep track of every asset’s kills and approvals, so you’ll always know whether you have the (literal) green light.

Be in the Moment

Track the progress of a photoshoot or live event when every moment counts. Photographers have the option of sending LIVE Messengers, which automatically keep you updated when new shots get taken and added. You can be sure you’ll have what you need to get that scoop, every time.

Know What You’re Working With

Use our metadata-driven badged field to mark assets as embargoed, available, or published. Your organization can determine any set of categories and we’ll implement their corresponding badges. With all the information at a glance, you’ll stay informed and avoid extra work.

Leverage Your Content Library

With easy, metadata-driven search, you’ll never lose track of a file again. Our robust metadata editor can accommodate any custom fields that your organization requires. And the ability to search by any metadata field (including date, Project, tag, or keyword) ensures that you’ll get the right image in the right hands – at the right time.

Streamlined Deployment

It’s easy to fit DF Studio into your existing corporate and IT infrastructures. Developers can access our Asset API, and we use the industry standard, SAML 2.0, to integrate with organizations using Single-Sign On logins.