Your Assets, At Your Fingertips

Find, collect, and distribute assets without the headache. DF Studio features everything you need under one roof, so you can find the right image at the right time. Every time

At-A-Glance Approvals

Our built-in workflows allow you to keep track of which assets have been approved, without a second look. No more searching through proof sheets or emails: after sending out requests, you’ll be updated on approval status with a convenient color-coded interface.

Customized Asset Information

Use our metadata-driven badged field to mark assets as embargoed, available, or published. Your organization can set up any relevant group of categories and we’ll assign corresponding badges. You’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

We Keep it Moving

Collections let you group any images from multiple sources without reorganizing your Projects or duplicating files. They’re quick and easy to create, and even easier to share: instantly send any Collection to prospective buyers with a DF Studio Messenger.

Assign with Confidence

Assignment workflows easily give photographers or retouchers all the information they need to get their jobs done. The best part? Assignments are fully integrated with your DF Studio Library, so they can upload files to the right place even without a login.

And We’re LIVE!

Keep up to date on a photoshoot in real time. Photographers have the option to send assets via LIVE Messengers, which automatically keep you updated as new shots get taken.  You can be sure you’ll have what you need during jobs when every moment counts.

Serious Search Results

Keeping files organized and under one roof is important. So is having the right search tools at your disposal. Our advanced search function lets you search by keyword, photographer, date, and more—so you can answer any image request in seconds.