The Easy Way - And the Right Way

DF Studio is the go-to workflow solution for entertainment industry leaders. It’s easy to see why: by building security, flexibility, and efficiency into the core of  every feature, we’ve created the perfect environment for teams of any size to eliminate roadblocks and produce amazing work.

Powerful, Lightweight Sending

Instantly deliver any number of files without attachments, hard drives, or upload servers. DF Studio Messengers are delivered through lightweight, secure links with adjustable expiration dates. Customize them for downloading, approvals, view only, or even file metadata editing workflows.

Metadata, Made Simple

Save valuable time by editing metadata for thousands of files at once, using smart and flexible filters to help you find exactly the fields you need. An intelligent auto-fill makes tagging and keywording as easy as can be. And all Metadata in our system is written back to the files themselves, so you’ll never have to sort through sidecar files or reconcile mismatched information again.

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Master Approvals, Once and for All.

Consolidate photo and talent approvals down to a few clicks with built-in  workflows. Recipients receive a simple “Yes/No” interface for all assets in an  Approval Messenger, while senders can review all approved, killed, and pending  assets in real time. Our system intelligently tracks approval progress, preventing cast and talent from exceeding their kill percentages.

360 Degree Security

Protect your assets with a permissions system that’s fully customizable, down to the file. Accounts have control over which actions are available to their users or groups: permissions are intuitive and integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, no matter how many users and settings are in play.
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Cost-Effective File Storage, for the Long Haul

A unique Cold Storage setting keeps storage costs steady and  predictable, year over year. Save up to 90% on monthly bills by transferring old  files to Cold Storage.

Streamlined Deployment

It’s easy to fit DF Studio into your existing corporate and IT
infrastructures. Developers can access our Asset API, and we use the industry standard, SAML 2.0, to integrate with organizations using Single-Sign On logins.