Creativity Made Simple

Whether you’re teaching a photography course, putting together a yearbook, or publishing a school newspaper – or all of the above! – there’s no better option that DF Studio. It’s easy to use and fun for learners of all ages. Get collaborating!

The End of Lost Homework

Enjoy easy, fast uploads that won’t get lost (or eaten by a pet). With DF Studio, students can stay organized by creating a folder or Project for each assignment. All work can be made into a portfolio to critique, publish, or archive: it couldn’t be easier — or more useful.

Yearbooks, in a Snap

Bring all the moving parts together for easy, hands-on, and creative yearbooks. Collect images from anywhere and organize them by page, section, or category. Captions can be added in seconds and travel along with photos for their entire lifecycles. When the work is done, all files can be transferred at once to the publisher.

Truly Collaborative Newsletters

It’s easy to maintain, circulate, and publish regular newsletter updates with DF Studio. Teachers, students, and parents can collect and submit images for school newsletters. For secure sharing, create slideshows or galleries and share them with a select list of recipients.

Our storage and workflow features are also perfect for maintaining an asset library for websites, or promotional and marketing materials.

Instant Online Publishing

Any Collection created in DF Studio can be turned into a Web Portfolio and shared as a link within seconds. Choose from several professional layout and display options for each Portfolio for a customized viewing experience. Creating a Web Portfolio is secure, painless, and practical for students of all ages.

Unlimited Sending, Unlimited Possibilities

Send as many photos, documents, or videos as you like using DF Studio Messengers. Messengers use secure links, so they’re sent instantly. You’ll never have to deal with hard-drives, FTP servers, or bulky attachments every again.