The Keys to Your Content

Find the picture that’s worth a thousand words. Whether it’s book, magazine, or electronic publishing, DF Studio makes it easy to stay organized and get creative.

Set Up for Success

Photographers and other collaborators can upload files from anywhere directly to their proper destinations, even without access to a DF Studio account. No more waiting for files means fewer delays, no lost hard-drives, and a organized clean start with no extra work.

The Approvals of Your Dreams

Get photo approval requests out as soon as files are in the system. Talent can approve from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Our visual, zero-click Approvals interface will keep tabs on every asset sent for approval, so you’ll always know whether you have the (literal) green light.

LIVE in the Momemnt

Track the progress of a photoshoot or event, when every moment counts. Photographers can use DF Studio’s LIVE Messenger feature, which automatically keeps you updated when new shots get taken and added, keeping teams confident that they have all the assets they need for every job.

Know Before You (Hit) Go

Metadata-driven badged fields mark assets as embargoed, exclusive, available, or published. The badge categories are totally customizable, and can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. With the right information at first glance, you’ll stay informed and sidestep production hiccups.

Fast, Precise Search

Never lose track of a file again. DF Studio’s easy, metadata-driven search has tons of advanced filters and options. Advanced search allows you to search by any metadata field (including date, Project, tag, or keyword) to ensure that the right image gets to the right hands – at the right time.

Simpler, Smarter Storage

Keep older jobs and non-final art without paying the price. DF Studio’s Cold Storage feature actually keeps storage costs stable over time, with savings of up to 90%. If you need to access the originals, restoring files is easy and wait time is minimal.