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Visual Annotations

A new visual markup paradigm for collaborating around images in DFS.


The Notes tab replaces the Conversations tab in the DF Studio Asset Inspector.

Improved Uploading Experience

Now quicker, easier to use, and providing unprecedented customization.

Enhanced Mobile Messenger

A complete visual overhaul makes completing a Messenger on the go a seamless experience. Learn more about the customized and streamlined Mobile Messenger.

Featured and Popular Topics

Security & Protection for Messengers

Learn about the options available to keep images safe when sharing outside of DF Studio.

Application Passwords

Use application passwords to access DF Studio through plug-ins or other apps, for enhanced security and customization.

Manage Metadata Terms

Master metadata with tools to maintain a controlled vocabulary for any metadata workflow.

DF Studio Updates

The latest DF Studio support updates, plus a full catalog of release notes.

Support Notes

Software Development Update: March 2021

Software Development Update: March 2021

– To provide greater clarity regarding the accounts available for switching, the Account Switcher menu now displays the “account” value used on the login page along with the account name.
– Performance enhancements have been applied to the list view in Projects and Collections.
– The behavior of the “Add to Collection” overlay has been improved, to prevent errors that may occur when attempting to submit it without a Collection selected.
– In list view, a “speech bubble” icon now indicates the presence of Notes content related to an asset.

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