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Improved Downloading

The DFS Downloader application has been enhanced to make downloads faster and more stable for very large numbers of files.

Messenger Security

Learn about the options available to keep images safe when sharing outside of DF Studio.

Manage Metadata Terms

Master metadata with tools to maintain a controlled vocabulary for any metadata workflow.

DF Studio Updates

The latest DF Studio support updates, plus a full catalog of release notes.

Support Notes

A Fresh Look for DF Studio Support

A Fresh Look for DF Studio Support

As part of a site-wide update to provide the latest information about DF Studio’s range of features, the website for DF Studio Support has been completely redesigned with a focus on connecting you directly with the information you need. Each of DF Studio’s...

DF Studio Support: Messengers

DF Studio Support: Messengers

Visit the new Messengers section of the DF Studio Support website to learn all about DF Studio Messengers: a powerful, easy-to-use communication tool for sharing assets, gathering approvals, or updating asset metadata. Messengers have a fresh new look on mobile...

DF Studio Support: Selects & Approvals

DF Studio Support: Selects & Approvals

Introducing the new Selects & Approvals section of the DF Studio Support website: a collection of the most relevant information about setting select levels, gathering approvals, and working with Edits. Get an in-depth look at how selects are created in DF Studio,...

Release Notes

November, 2018 Software Release Notes

DF Studio is excited to announce that its latest point release is now ready for deployment. This release focuses on addressing software issues as well as improving the speed, reliability, and performance of the application. The following bugs have been fixed since the...

September, 2018 Software Release Notes

DF Studio releases regularly scheduled software updates, which improve and build upon the application’s ever-evolving feature set. In between these updates, our development team deploys point releases to address recently observed bugs or to incorporate newly emerged technology into DF Studio. We are pleased to announce that the latest such point release is ready for deployment.

August, 2018 Software Release Notes

DF Studio’s previous full software update introduced Visual Screen Protection (VSP), a highly requested addition that was seamlessly adopted by many users. VSP is part of a wider effort to make DF Studio’s features easy to use and accessible from any location or device.

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