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A new visual paradigm for collaborating around images in DF Studio, allowing direct illustration on asset previews, completely shareable with Messenger recipients.

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View and interact with PDF assets directly within DF Studio—search, copy, and browse, all without downloading first.

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Use application passwords to access DF Studio through plug-ins or other apps, for enhanced security and customization.

Security & Protection for Messengers

Learn about the options available to keep images safe when sharing with collaborators outside of the DF Studio account.

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The latest DF Studio support updates, plus a full catalog of release notes.

Support Notes

Software Development Update: February 2023

Software Development Update: February 2023

– The filter menu on the Messenger History view has been improved to perform more intuitively when searching or reviewing past Messengers.
– When exporting metadata, the box to include each asset’s DFS ID in the export is now enabled by default.
Support has been added for writing person and role information from appropriately configured metadata fields to file metadata.
– In order to avoid a known issue with certain ARW formats becoming corrupted when file metadata is updated, metadata writing to these file formats has been suspended.
– Historical auditing has been improved for activities and operations throughout DF Studio, including renaming assets in bulk, making changes to Project details, History Text metadata fields, creating and moving Projects, and updating or deleting Library folders.
– Asset filenames and Setup location can now be modified in bulk through the Metadata Import tool.

Software Development Update: January 2023

Software Development Update: January 2023

– Metadata imports from CSV can now match assets based on the DFS ID instead of the asset name.
– In cases where metadata fields are written to files, the publication of real-time messaging for metadata change events is not triggered until after the files have been updated.
– The account Storage report has been moved to an overlay, in order to reduce the interruption in workflows when consulting this resource.
– The Storage report now provides an asset count as well as a measurement of the total storage used.
– Visuals have been refreshed throughout, bringing greater clarity and consistency.

Software Development Update: November 2022

Software Development Update: November 2022

– The overlay for creating and combining Edits has been updated to make the image options clearer.
– The DFS ID can now be included in metadata CSV exports.
– The icon for pinning selected fields in the metadata editor has been clarified.
– To prevent interruptions in authentication access, users who log in to DF Studio via single sign-on (SSO) will no longer be able to modify their email address.
– Visual updates have increased consistency among the page headers of various screens in the Settings section.

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