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New Feature Highlights

Organize Assets Instantly

Quick-access buttons make it a snap to add assets to Collections, or move them to Projects.

Advanced Search

Assemble and re-use advanced queries based on configurable search criteria.

Improved Uploading Experience

Now quicker, easier to use, and providing unprecedented customization.

Visual Annotations

A new visual paradigm for collaborating around images in DF Studio, allowing direct illustration on asset previews, completely shareable with Messenger recipients.

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PDF Viewer

View and interact with PDF assets directly within DF Studio—search, copy, and browse, all without downloading first.

Application Passwords

Use application passwords to access DF Studio through plug-ins or other apps, for enhanced security and customization.

Security & Protection for Messengers

Learn about the options available to keep images safe when sharing with collaborators outside of the DF Studio account.

DF Studio Updates

The latest DF Studio support updates, plus a full catalog of release notes.

Support Notes

Work With Badges in DF Studio

Work With Badges in DF Studio

DF Studio’s powerful and streamlined metadata tools offer numerous options for organizing and filtering your assets. One of the most intuitive methods involves using badges. Badges allow you to tag images with visual icons that show up right on the thumbnail of the...

Software Development Update: May 2022

Software Development Update: May 2022

– The Browser Verification input screen has been streamlined for greater clarity.
– Resolved an issue which could cause timeout errors when attempting to download files from Messengers with very large asset counts.
– Addressed a configuration issue which allowed Messengers to be switched from one template to another after creation, causing unreliable results.

Release Notes

Release Notes 2022.2.3: Moving assets, downloading from large Messengers

DF Studio is pleased to announce its latest software release, which is now being deployed to all accounts. This update improves the process of moving assets between Projects, enhances performance for large Messengers, and incorporates additional updates to improve responsiveness and streamline workflows.

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