Mobile Messenger

Complete an Approval Messenger on a mobile device, or get more information about the custom Mobile Messenger interface.

Mobile Messengers support downloading and metadata workflows, as well.

Approval Messengers

Send an Approval Messenger

Send a Messenger to gather approvals from one or more recipients.

Complete an Approval Messenger

View the steps to review and submit an Approval Messenger.

DF Studio Approvals View

Access aggregated approval information at a glance with Approvals View.

LIVE Messengers

LIVE Messengers incorporate new assets as they are added, enabling real-time collaboration.

Metadata Messengers

A Metadata Messenger allows the recipient to update metadata for assets stored in DF Studio.

Download Messengers

Send a Download Messenger to allow recipients to download assets or transfer them to another DF Studio account.

Messenger Import

Transfer assets quickly and securely between DF Studio accounts using Messenger Import.

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