The buttons below will download companion apps and plug-ins to extend the functionality of DF Studio.

DFS Downloader

  macOS 10.8+

  Windows 8+

Additional Downloads

Legacy Apps:

DFS Speed Link 3.1.0 (3018)

Desktop Uploader for macOS

  macOS 10.10+    (Built-in software updates)

DFS Speed Link 3

  v3.1, Mac OS X 10.9 only

DFS Speed Link 2

  v2.1.2, Mac OS X 10.6–10.8

DFS Speed Link – Mac/PPC

v1.1.0/1086, unsupported – no updates


Photo Mechanic Plug-in

v1.3 (79988b36), updated 04/11/2016

(installation instructions)

Lightroom Classic Plug-in

v2657, updated 12/19/2013

Aperture Plug-in

v1660, updated 06/26/2013