01/17 Software Release Notes

Posted on Feb 16, 2017 in Release Notes

1.     Summary

The main focus of this release is to refine the Library Permissions model introduced in the previous software update, making its implementation more consistent and useful. We’ve made great strides in streamlining the DF Studio Permissions model to its core functions, and then rebuilding it into an organized, thorough framework that accounts for even the most complex use cases.

These new feature enhancements offer benefits that will improve the workflow of any team leveraging Permissions in their Library. On an individual level, each permission is more clearly defined than before and its functions are more intuitively grouped together. As a system, the Permissions model is more simple to use and integrates seamlessly into team workflows and departmental use of DF Studio. This release also contains several bug fixes as well as notable improvements to workflow and security features.

2.     Refinements to Permissions

Below are specific changes we’ve made to enhance and clarify what each Permission setting can do. For your convenience, you can also view this information by navigating to the Permissions panel and hovering your mouse over each setting.

  • Create Projects/folders:  Allows creating new Projects and folders.

This is a focused setting that controls the ability to create Projects and folders. It does not impact a User’s ability to use the Collection feature.

  • Upload: Allows uploading images into existing Projects.

This is a new setting that controls the ability of a User to upload files to the system.

  • Edit Selects: Allows making edits and creating selects on images in the specified location.

This permission was not changed from the previous version.

  • Share Collections: Gives a User the ability to make a Private Collection shared with other Users.

This is a focused setting for handling Shared Collections.

All Users can create Private Collections from any images they’re able to view with their base privileges.

To create a Shared Collection, a User must have the “Share Collections” permission for all the images in the Collection AND on the source Project. Share Collections also allows a User to add or remove from other Shared Collections in that location.

  • Organize Files: Allows renaming Files, moving them between Setups in a Project, and changing storage.

This setting is restricted to organizing existing Library items. It does not grant the ability to add or delete items in Projects.

  • Download: Allows downloading original files that are in Active Storage. When sending a Messenger, a User with “Download” permissions may also access the download original files setting in the Messenger Wizard.

This permission was not changed from the previous version.

  • Write Metadata: Allows writing new Metadata or modifying existing information on Projects and files.

This is a focused setting for Metadata editing. Any User who can view files is able to view the files’ Metadata.

  • Send: Allows a User to send a Messenger or publish a Portfolio.

This permission was not changed from the previous version.

  • The specific control for Contacts has been removed. All Users will be allowed to access the Contacts in their accounts.

3.     Other Enhancements

  • Added a feature to the Messenger Wizard that allows the sender to control whether the recipient’s edits will be shared with other Users in the DF Studio account. This setting is available for both “Custom” and “Approval” Messenger templates.
  • Added an “Add from Bin” feature to Collections. The button, located in the Inspector menu, will add all files in the Bin to the current Collection.
  • Added extra security measures to further randomize automatically generated passwords.
  • Previews are now treated as JPEG files to optimize preview quality. To replace a preview, upload a new, preview-preferred file.
  • Updated the Web Uploader to accommodate the drag-and-drop process multiple times within the same upload session.
  • Refined the type-ahead fields for contacts to improve their accuracy.

4.     Bug Fixes

  • Uploading RAW files now generates better preview images.
  • Changed the language in the warning message for removing a Collection. It now reads accurately: the action will remove the Collection from the Library, but no image files will be deleted from their source locations.
  • The Inspector in the 1-Up and 2-Up views now allows toggling between the Image Inspector and Collection Inspector tabs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused extra results to appear in Contacts type-ahead fields.
  • Fixed a bug that generated an error in the Advanced Search feature.
  • Fixed a bug that hid the “Remove” option in a Collection or Bin, even if the User was an Owner or manager of that location.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when a Collection was removed from the “All Collections” view.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a User from using the Metadata and Download actions in a custom Collection, if the User didn’t have these permissions in the images’ source Project.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed “Move to Set-up” in the Image Inspector for Collections.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented selections of multiple Assignments from being closed.
  • Fixed the email auto-fill field in the “Add Assignment” feature.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed Web Portfolios to Users with No Access base permissions.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a User with No Access base permissions to see the account Activity page.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a User with No Access base permissions to see the File Storage view and its contents.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented trial account Users from adding their payment information after their trials expired.
  • Fixed a bug that threw an error when importing from a Multi-Project Messenger.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented an error message from appearing when uploading files triggered a permissions conflict.
  • Fixed the account logo image in Messengers for Personal and EDU accounts.
  • Fixed a duplication of the “Client” Project Metadata field in the Project Details pane.
  • Fixed a bug where “History Text” custom metadata field was not updating correctly.
  • General fixes made to text and font.

You can download the full release notes as a PDF below.