2015 was great year for DF Studio.  We added some big customers with even greater storage demands.  And, DF Studio didn’t miss a beat — our distributed architecture on Amazon Web Services automatically scales to meet the need.  We even had plenty of time to build some great new features, such as the following that were added in the last six months:

New Image Search Engine

We upgraded our search engine to give us more power and more control. It also allowed us to offer two new features:

  • Custom Field Searching: Custom Fields can now be configured to be searchable and optionally facetable
  • User-Controllable Facets: Image Search Results Facets are customizable per-user in the Settings -> Viewing Preferences page. Up to 5 facets can be selected, including facetable custom fields.

Smarter, Faster Image Ingestion

More assets, more filetypes. As the demands on DF Studio increase, it needs to get faster and smarter.  We spent time optimizing our ingestion workflow, improving the logic that determines which files are used as preview and metadata sources when multiple file types for the same image are uploaded. We were also able to increase overall throughput, decreasing the time it takes to create DF Studio previews. (See our knowledge base article on Metadata Handling for more information about metadata handling rules.)

Metadata writing to RAW files

Changes made to Metadata Fields are now written back to RAW files too, in addition to the previous types JPG, TIFF, XMP, and PSD.

More Custom Metadata Controls

Custom metadata Fields now can be ingested from many different XMP, IPTC, and EXIF fields and written back to a single XMP, IPTC, or EXIF Field.  This allows data to be pulled in from many different fields and written back to a single master field.

We also introduced a new custom field type that keeps a history of the value changes, along with user and timestamp information.

New Loupe Tool

The old circular loupe tool was replaced with a new zoom panel which stays out of the way of the image and provides a bigger viewport to zoom into. This updated tool also brings a more fluid, responsive experience.

2016: Our Diamond Year

The DF Studio team has never been short on ideas for the feature roadmap and we’re already hard at work on some big ones. 2016 marks DF Studio’s 10th anniversary and we think it’s going to be a big year. Thanks to all of our customers for using DF Studio and for helping to make it the best solution for enterprise and professional photography management!