DF Studio is designed to offer powerful support to a variety of workflows. Within the application, users can take advantage of multiple Edits, collaborate using Notes and visual annotations, get approval information at a glance with the Approvals UI, and many other time-saving features.

Contributors and collaborators who don’t have direct access to log in to a DF Studio account have a number of handy tools available to them as well. These features empower additional options for submitting files to DF Studio, organizing assets, and updating metadata.


Photographers and others who need to submit files to a DF Studio account often do so with the use of an Assignment Key. This grants dedicated access to upload to a single Project within DF Studio, with support for full metadata ingestion and automatic Setup generation based on filenames. The following knowledge base articles provide the details of working with an Assignment Key.

While most Assignments come with specific instructions from the client regarding embedded metadata and preferred file naming conventions, there are some best practices to keep in mind for all Assignment uploads.

Upload Keys

Upload Keys function similarly to Assignment Keys, except they allow multiple contributors to upload to the same Project, and can be configured for existing Projects. These can be used for uploading directly through the web browser, or using DFS Speed Link or a DF Studio upload plug-in. The upload process is identical to the Assignment Key workflow described above, except it is not necessary to authenticate with a specific email address.

Upload Users

Some DF Studio customers may create Upload User accounts for their external contributors, which allow for uploading into multiple Projects and Library folders within the upload user’s custom-assigned folder housed in the DF Studio account. Upload Users will have a login username and password, but instead of accessing the full Library of the associated DF Studio account, they will interact with a custom interface exclusively for uploading. In that environment, they can take advantage of the full benefits of DF Studio’s powerful web-based upload workflow.


Workflows for external contributors do not begin and end with file uploads. Messengers also provide a streamlined way for DF Studio users to collaborate with those outside of the account. Collaborators can submit approvals, participate in Conversations and add visual annotations, or use a Messenger to download assets (or transfer them to another DF Studio account). A popular workflow involves sending a Metadata Messenger to a contractor who can tag all of the images directly in the Messenger, immediately updating the records within the DF Studio account.

Best of all, these workflows are also supported with a custom interface for mobile devices, as well.

For more details about working with DF Studio, please see our illustrated and fully searchable Knowledge Base, or contact DF Studio Support with any questions.