DF Studio has been designed with security at its very core: from browser verification requirements to uploading protocols, stringent measures to protect users’ data have been carefully incorporated into every feature of the application.

With professional-grade protection built in, intruders will look for the easiest way in: grabbing the key to the front door. Strengthening passwords and becoming familiar with the following best practices are effective ways for DF Studio users to safeguard access to their accounts. Keep these principles in mind, and read our Login and Password Security article for details, examples, and useful resources.

  • Verify the Login Page: be alert for “phishing” attempts and don’t submit your password to sites you don’t know
  • Use Strong Passwords: avoid passwords that are easy to guess (and keep in mind the guesser might not be human)
  • Don’t Reuse Passwords: don’t let a single stolen password expose multiple accounts
  • Never Share Passwords: and remember that DF Studio staff will never ask for your password
  • Contact DF Studio Support: never hesitate to reach out if something seems fishy