DF Studio is pleased to announce that its latest software release is now available for all accounts. This spring’s first update consists of several exciting new features and enhancements, as well as numerous bug fixes. Please feel free to reach out to DF Studio Support with any questions about this release or to receive more information.

Controlled Search Facets:

To help facilitate in-account information sharing, this release introduces a set of controls to the faceted search feature. Account administrators may now select which search facets are visible to users in the account settings page. This enhancement helps control whether users can view certain information — such as Project names, photographer names, or keywords — that is otherwise available in faceted search results.

For more information, consult this Knowledge Base article on how to configure search result facets.

Sub-Account Switching:

Enterprise clients with branded sub-accounts can now easily switch between accounts, without needing to log out and log in to another account. Any DF Studio user with login access to multiple sub-accounts is able to switch between dashboards quickly and easily.

This Knowledge Base article, which outlines how to log in to DF Studio, includes a step-by-step guide to using the account switching tool.


  • For Messengers viewed on a desktop, the default number of thumbnail previews per page has been increased to 250.
  • LIVE Messengers with uploads in progress now send update notifications to recipients every 30 minutes.
  • DF Studio now supports payload encryption in SAML.

Bug Fixes:

  • RAW files are now used as the view source for images with both .XMP and .RAW file sources.
  • In the Messenger tab, recipients of a Messenger that has not yet been sent are now listed as “Pending.”
  • In the Messenger tab, clicking on the name of a sent Messenger now displays its contents.
  • PDF proofsheets have been reformatted to keep special instructions within the binding space.
  • Clicking “Send” after selecting files from a page of search results now initiates sending a Messenger.
  • The PDF proofsheet feature no longer triggers an error when a file with no preview is included.
  • The contact information provided in an Assignment email only includes the sender’s email address if his/her phone number are not stored in DF Studio.
  • Owners of a Collection may now move that Collection to a different location in the Library.
  • File stacking has been reconfigured to ensure that thumbnail previews properly display for images containing an .EIP file.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented SSO-enabled users’ email addresses from automatically importing to their contact information.
  • LIVE Messengers now auto-refresh as new assets are added, eliminating the need for users to manually refresh the Messenger.
  • To prevent unintended changes to text, autocomplete has been disabled for fields in the Password Reset form.
  • The approvals option has been removed from the Metadata Messenger template.
  • The OneLogin SAML Toolkit has been upgraded to version 2.