This release is the first of three rounds of releases that are specifically designed to enhance and improve DF Studio’s Messenger experience, both from the sender’s and recipient’s perspectives. We are pleased to present the newly redesigned advanced download dialogue in the Messenger user interface, which will allow recipients new file download options. We have also implemented several features in the Messenger tab of our main application to improve the sending and managing of messengers.

Messenger User Interface:

  • The download interface of the Messenger has been redesigned to allow recipients the option to choose the file types they would like to download. For example, if a set of images are sent  with JPG, IIQ, and TIFF attachments, recipients can now choose to download just the JPG set.


  • In the Messenger interface, if the user double-clicks to reveal a larger 1-Up preview and then returns to Thumbnail view, a frame with fading animation provides clear visual reference to the last viewed single image.


Messenger Wizard:

  • The Messenger Wizard has been reconfigured to skip Arrange Images (formerly the second step in the wizard process) and go straight to the Options tab. Users may still click on the Arrange Images tab in case they need to rearrange the order of their images.


  • In the Options tab of the Messenger Wizard, a new checkbox has been added (under expiration date) that allows the user to opt out of sending expiration reminders/notifications to recipients.


  •  A new cc field has been added to the Messenger wizard’s last page, which is designed to send view-only copies of an Approvals Messenger. This allows photo publicists to send Messengers with editing capabilities to only those that are authorized to perform photo approvals, such as talent and their publicists, while sending view-only copies to other parties, such as managers, assistants or producers.


Messenger Tab:

  • The Messenger Tab’s user interface displays sent messages in two subtabs: Recipients and Messengers. In the Messengers subtab, a new drop-down menu allows the user to filter the view to Active, Expired, or All Messengers. In the Recipients subtab, the filter allows users to view Expired/Unreviewed, Recently Accessed, or Recently Sent.


  • Admin Users have always been able to see all users’ correspondence in the Messenger tab. A new filter in the Messengers subtab allows admins to filter Messengers to just their own instead of seeing all Messengers all the time.


  • DF Studio now remembers the last selections in the Messenger Tab (subtab and filters) and it displays the same when the user returns to the tab.

Folders Included in Library Search

Users may now search for folder names, in addition to images, projects and collections, with DF Studio’s quicksearch. The folder search results appear in the same tab as project and collection results.


Type-Ahead Functionality for Collections Drop-Down

When adding images to an existing collection, users can quickly find a specific collection with type-ahead functionality. Typing three consecutive characters in the name of the collection will result in a drop-down list with relevant search results that the user can choose from.


Recent Projects View

A new “Recent Projects” button has been added to the navigation sidebar, which displays projects added to DF Studio in the last 6 months.


Item Count in Library Listings

Users may now see in a tooltip the break-down of item counts in any folder by resting their pointer on the item count text.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the activity page that displayed larger than 100% figures on metadata writing activities.
  • Corrected the sort order of the “User” filter on the Activity page to display alphabetically.
  • Fixed a bug that produced an error page when the Library tab tried to display a deleted folder.
  • Fixed a bug in the Dashboard which occasionally led the user to the wrong destination when clicking a folder.
  • Fixed a bug that jumped the user from the Library tab to Storage view when the user deleted or changed storage status on a project.