As libraries deepen and more projects are being managed simultaneously, quick and efficient access and organization become essential, and DF Studio’s toolset is evolving to help cut through the clutter.

Enhancements to the Navigational Sidebar make it simpler to customize the Recent and Bookmarks menus, along with quick-access buttons exposing a powerful new functionality: the ability to organize selected assets from any view into any Project or Collection on either list, with just a single click. It’s no longer necessary to navigate to a particular location or select it from a menu—if it appears in the sidebar, assets can be transferred there instantly. (Review an in-depth guide to this time-saving functionality in our Knowledge Base.)

Making it even easier to track down assets and their Projects, the Advanced Search feature has been completely retooled for a more streamlined experience. Searches are built from a set of criteria using intuitive visual tools, and locate important information with ease.

Additionally, PDF assets stored in DF Studio are getting first-class treatment with a new native PDF Viewer. This allows for full-content preview, selecting and copying text, and other interactions without leaving the DF Studio account.

This release also incorporates enhancements to Metadata Messengers and upload workflows, along with performance improvements and other interface refinements. For additional information about improvements and bug fixes included in this release, please review the Release Notes.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to DF Studio support with any feedback or questions about this release.