New Global Image Search Tool

DF Studio has a new search tool that makes it easier than ever to find your photos. The search box in the top left corner has been updated to allow searching both images and projects. Like the former project search, the updated search box is designed to make finding images as simple as possible by searching across many fields at once such as image name, keyword, project name, setup name and photographer. For those who want more control, the use of operators is supported within the simple search box and an Advanced Search page can be used to focus on specific fields. (See the article Using DF Studio Image Search for more information.)

An example of Image Search faceting.

An example of Image Search faceting

Image searches are automatically “faceted” on keywords and project names. These facets appear above the search results and make it easy to “explore” within a set of search results. Clicking on a facet filters the results to just images that match that facet’s criteria. For example, clicking a keyword “beauty” facet would limit the results to only images that have the “beauty” keyword. Multiple facets may be clicked to further refine the search. Facets may also be removed to un-filter the results.

Batch actions available for image search results.

Batch actions available for image search results

There are a number of operations that can be done right in the Image Search Results by selecting multiple images:

  • Add to Bin
  • Add to Collection
  • Metadata (Batch Metadata editor)
  • Download
  • Send (Messenger)

The tabbed search results screen makes it easy to change your results type. Clicking on either the Images or Projects tab shows the matching results for the last search. The next search performed will default to the last-used result type. Use the Previous button (when enabled) to return to the last search results seen – useful if you’ve navigated to elsewhere within the application and want to get back to your last search results.

New Downloader App

DF Studio has a new download application that replaces the former Java Web Start version that has become more difficult to use due to increased security restrictions. This new native desktop application, available for OS X (10.8+), Windows (7+) and Linux was designed to simplify and streamline the download process.

DF Studio Downloader version 1.1, released June 2014

DF Studio Downloader version 1.1, released June 2014

Once installed, clicking the Download link in DF Studio will automatically launch the application and prompt for a download location. DF Studio Messenger URLs may also be pasted directly into the application. The new app also has an updated UI and provides additional download progress information such as the current download rate and a running total of the data downloaded. No additional software must be installed (e.g. Java is not required) and the application is signed with a secure certificate. A link to the older Java Web Start version is still available in the Messenger UI for those who can’t install or run the new version.

Other Enhancements

  • The web uploader has been updated to use Fine Uploader version 5, with support for concurrent chunking. This new feature makes uploading large files (over 5MB) significantly faster.
  • The inline HTML editor used in the Messenger wizard, Assignments, etc has been upgraded to use TinyMCE version 4.
  • A modification date has been added to Web Portfolios making it possible to see when the Portfolio was last updated.
  • Messenger emails are now sent immediately rather than being queued for delivery when sending to five or fewer recipients. (Unless sending custom-sized or watermarked images where the images must be prepared before the email is sent.)
  • The Download Only Messenger template now has a “show previews” option.
  • The DF Studio Help widget has been updated to use the latest version of the UserVoice widget and now support taking a screenshot directly within the help widget.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug has been fixed in the core email delivery system to correctly encode UTF-8 content (Thanks SH).
  • Disabled users are no longer shown when listing DF Studio group members. (Multi-user accounts only)
  • Users with delete privileges (via Group setting) are now able to delete multiple-selected images when using the Delete button in the Actions menu and from multi-image inspector (Multi-user accounts only)

Changes in Previous Updates

There have been a number of other improvements made in smaller updates over the last several months:

  • A new user type “Upload User” has been added to DF Studio (available to Business and Enterprise accounts). This new user type has a login and password but has limited access to your DF Studio account, only able to create projects and upload files. Upload Users work somewhat similar to FTP accounts in that they may only see and create folders and projects in their own directory. External upload tools like DF Studio Speed Link and Photo Mechanic can be used for upload, or they may also login to DF Studio to use a special “upload-only” Web UI.
  • The Assignments feature (available to Business and Enterprise accounts) received a few nice improvements:
    • Assignments may now be searched by the upload key making it easier to answer the question “What assignment is this key for?”
    • Batch operations on assignments are now supported. For example, multiple assignments can be selected and closed in one action.
    • An iCalendar (ics) file attached to Assignment emails making it easier for the photographer to add it to their calendar.
  • The “Text Export” function now works with Collections, Messengers and Portfolios. Additional metadata field options have been added such as Keywords, Caption, Photographer, etc. There is also now a CSV option in addition to TAB format.
  • Consolodated billing is now available to Business and Enterprise accounts. When enabled, one DF Studio account can act as the payer for one or more other DF Studio accounts, and can be displayed in the statement as either as a single combined invoice or as separate invoices.