Keyboard Controls:

  • The use of arrow keys within DF Studio has been modified. Arrow keys now move the blue selection box throughout the application, both in List and in Thumbnail views. Paging is now done with Option+Arrow, with the exception of the 1-up view, which still works without the Option key.
  • In the project Thumbnails and List views, the 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys set select levels on images. If a single image is selected, the select level is set and the selection box is advanced to the next image. If multiple images are selected, a batch select level change is made.

Activity Page:
The Activity page now includes a type filter that allows activities to be filtered to one of three types: Import, Send, and Storage Change. Also, activities are sorted by most-recent activity, instead of start time, so the latest activities always appear at the top of the list.


Activities can now be filtered by type.


  • Messengers with originals download enabled can be sent from Projects whose original files are entirely in Cold Storage. The recipient will be able to view and download the previews but will be prompted to contact the sender to inquire about the originals.
  • A new “Closable” option has been added to the messenger wizard. With this option checked,  a “Complete” button is added to the Messenger user interface, which the recipient can click on at the end of the editing process, locking access to the Messenger and preventing future modifications.
Closable Messenger

New closable messenger feature adds “Complete” button to messenger to prevent further viewing/editing after receiver has completed approvals.

  • Live Messenger recipients are now updated whenever changes are made to the source project or collection. Updates are batched and delayed at least 10 minutes, or up to 30 minutes when modification activity continues (e.g. upload to the source). Recipients can choose to opt-out of notifications, either through the unsubscribe link in the notification email or in the Messenger user interface.


  • The Metadata Editor Pane now displays additional DF Studio-specific information about an image. In addition to the source Project, Folder and Setup information is also displayed. Furthermore, there is a new “See All Uses of Image” section that lists all Collections, Messengers and Portfolios that the image is used in.

The Metadata Editor Pane now displays additional DF Studio-specific information.

  • Type-ahead functionality has been added to all areas of the application for moving to folders, making it easier to select a folder when the name is known but the folder hierarchy is complex. This feature assists users in selecting the target folder rather than scrolling through a long list of subfolders in a drop-down menu.

Type-ahead functionality helps users find folders with complex folder hierarchy.

  • Folders have been visually enhanced with folder icons that retain the folder shape when they are customized with a key frame.
  • An option has been added to the bottom of the Add User form (Settings –> Users and Groups –> Add User) that allows the account administrator to choose whether the DF Studio welcome email is sent when the user is created.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a selection bug when switching between 1-up and multi-image views.
  • Fixed a bug that misaligned columns in text export when certain metadata fields were selected.