We are pleased to bring you a series of new updates this month.

The most notable improvement is the updated look and functionality of the web uploader. It now supports drag and drop, uploads multiple files concurently, gives better progress and feedback information and allows retrying errors. It is also compatible with iOS, which means photographers can use an upload link to upload photos from their iPhones.



The New Upload Window


Uploads Queued and In Progress

  • A new metadata extraction engine imports more metadata from more filetypes, and produces more human-readable output for many values.
  • The HTML/Javascript web portfolio template now uses the selected background color for the whole page, and now offers a full-screen mode.


  • The Rename Images feature now shows a progress bar while images are being renamed.
  • Recently Sent is now the default view in the Messengers tab.

Several bug fixes were included in this release. As always, we are very grateful to our conscientious users for their careful reporting:

  • Fixed a bug that caused image previews not to be generated when metadata contained an invalid date.
  • Fixed a bug in the Messenger Approvals template that prevented re-killing an image that was marked as approved when all images began as killed.
  • Fixed a bug in the preview for the Messenger Approvals template that caused all photos to show as approved when selecting “start with killed”
  • Fixed a bug that caused Find Images search results to sometimes not appear when the searching for images within a project.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain exif rotations to not get rotated correctly.
  • Redundant “exif:” and “iptc:” labels have been removed from each of the metadata fields in the UI.