Introducing DFS Speed Link 3

Posted on May 12, 2016 in Product News

Introducing DFS Speed Link 3

Uploading and Integrating into DF Studio Now Easier Than Ever

We’re pleased to bring you a newly updated version of DF Studio’s proprietary uploader, Speed Link 3. Users can look forward to enhanced initial file loading, upload progress, and error handling with the following brand-new features:

A new folder-based upload experience that allows users to select setups and projects to ingest into DF Studio.

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  • Redesigned upload progress displays that reflect the total number of files within each folder, including contained sub-folders.

  • A notification that warns when internet connection has been lost and allows users to resume the upload when the connection is re-established.

Please note that these updates are not supported by OSX versions 10.6-10.8. Users on these platforms should not update to Speed Link 3 and must continue using Speed Link 2. Visit our support page to download Speed Link 3 and view additional support options.