Good news for all DF Studio uploaders! We’re thrilled to announce the release of
DFS Speed Link 2.0, DF Studio’s stand-alone desktop upload application.

With this release, you can look forward to a redesigned interface with some great new features, including:

  • A new tabbed interface providing easy navigation to three upload methods
  • Updated look and feel of the app
  • New drag-and-drop files target
  • A new application icon displayed in the dock
  • Ability to select a destination folder in your DF Studio account
Screenshot 2014-09-11 16.29.16

DFS Speed LINK 2.0 has a new tabbed interface for three upload methods.

DFS Speed Link’s tabbed interface allows those who have logged in with their credentials to choose from three upload options:

  • New Project: Ability to choose/create the DF Studio folder or sub-folder for a new project.
  • Existing Project: Ability to find existing projects using the updated scroll pane, folder navigator and search bar.
  • Multiple Projects: Ability to create and upload to multiple new projects from desktop folders. This new upload option is a huge time saver when uploading/migrating historical data from your offline storage to DF Studio.
DFS Speed LINK 2.0 can upload multiple projects from one upload window.

DFS Speed LINK 2.0 can upload multiple projects from one upload window.

In addition to the new features, much work has been done to improve the general stability and performance of the application. All previously existing features such as uploading with an assignment key, watch folder, and folders as setups continue to function as before.

Download DFS Speed Link here, and learn more at the following knowledge base articles: