Version 52.03-05

DF Studio is excited to announce that its latest point release is now ready for deployment. This release focuses on addressing software issues as well as improving the speed, reliability, and performance of the application. The following bugs have been fixed since the previous point release.

Bug Fixes:

  • General security and performance updates.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error message during searches with more than 5,000 results.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed locked edits to be changed with keyboard accelerators.
  • The progress bar during batch rename now displays properly.
  • Resolved a permissions issue that prevented users from viewing thumbnail previews in a Collection when they did not have access to a source Project.
  • Removed the inapplicable “Show Mine” edits option in Multi-Messengers.
  • Fixed an discrepancy in the metadata editor between the selection tool and the images selected display.
  • The icons representing a PDF layout now display properly in the Print PDF feature.
  • Addressed an issue with constraining custom previews by a single dimension in the “Download Messenger” template.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a browser’s autocomplete function to be used in the password field of DF Studio’s login page.
  • Fixed an error that caused expired Messengers to display as “Pending.”
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that interfered with completing batch name operations.
  • Fixed an issue with applying metadata to 1:1 image previews.
  • Fixed an error with the Bookmarking feature that was triggered when names contained special characters.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying user login history in SSO configured accounts.
  • Fixed a display issue that occurred when deleting images from a proof sheet.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying errors from the CSV Import feature in the activity log.

User feedback helps DF Studio develop the best product — and experience — possible: it was especially invaluable for this release, as it drove the processes of identifying and resolving the above software issues. The DF Studio team thanks everyone who shared their observations and welcomes all users to continue voicing their comments and concerns.