Version 2021.2.4

DF Studio proudly announces its latest software release, which is now being deployed to all accounts. This update improves the reliability of uploading files, and addresses a few additional bugs to improve the DF Studio experience. As always, please reach out to DF Studio’s support team with any feedback or questions.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a layout issue which caused informational overlays to be displayed improperly in some Messengers.
Selects & Approvals
  • Corrected a bug which allowed the kill threshold of an Approval Messenger to be exceeded under very specific conditions.
Uploads & Assignments
  • Updated software packages related to image processing, in order to support preview generation when uploading HEIC files.
  • Resolved an issue which could cause the upload progress to report inaccurate numbers when uploading files with certain characters in the filename.
File Management & Organization
  • Fixed a bug which caused certain assets to display an error instead of a preview in the Quick Look overlay.