Version 53.6

DF Studio is pleased to announce the latest point-release update, with fixes and useful enhancements to current features. As always, please reach out to DF Studio’s support team with any feedback or questions about this update.


  • Improved the effectiveness of type-ahead suggestions in metadata fields using Metadata Terms.
File Management & Organization
  • Improved the visual quality of asset previews in 1-Up view and zoom mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue which prevented the “Send” button from appearing in the toolbar of a Project with no assets.
  • Addressed a problem in which keyboard shortcuts could be triggered while typing in a metadata input field.
  • Resolved an issue which caused badge labels to appear without their colors in list view.
  • Fixed a bug which caused metadata values to persist in the editor in some cases even after being deleted.
  • Corrected a glitch which prevented customized lookup value labels from appearing as expected in metadata fields driven by custom lookups.
API & Integration
  • Corrected an exception which could occur when using the Enterprise Asset API to list Edits containing a given asset.