Version 52.02

1. Summary

DF Studio releases regularly scheduled software updates, which improve and build upon the application’s ever-evolving feature set. In between these updates, our development team deploys point releases to address recently observed bugs or to incorporate newly emerged technology into DF Studio. We are pleased to announce that the latest such point release is ready for deployment.

This point release features several important bug fixes, an extended viewing mode for the Metadata Inspector, as well as improvements to the speed, reliability, and performance of DF Studio. We are particularly excited for the release of a new version of the DFS Downloader application, which is now available in the “Resource Downloads” section of DF Studio’s Support page.

2. New DFS Downloader

The latest update addresses an issue that users experienced when attempting to download extremely large sets of files; the update also features optimizations to the Downloader that result in noticeably faster downloads. A crucial part of achieving this goal was separating files in large downloads into smaller sets, which provides two main benefits: first, the download begins with a small set of files (rather than the entire batch); second, new URLs are downloaded for each subsequent set, ensuring that timed-expiry URLs remain fresh.

Please note that DFS Downloader does not feature automatic updates, so, to begin using the new build, first delete the application currently on your computer before attempting to download the update. Users who wish to continue with their current DFS Downloader may continue using the previous versions; however, the update is highly encouraged, as it offers marked improvements to the application’s speed and performance.

3. Extended Metadata Inspector

To make viewing and editing longer metadata fields easier and more comfortable, there is now a wider viewing mode in the Metadata Inspector. The extended view can be accessed by clicking the button in the top right corner of the Inspector. This button and the extended view are accessible in DF Studio’s desktop interface as well as all Metadata Messengers.

4. Enhancements to Mobile Messengers

  • Phone numbers displayed in messengers are now tappable links to start a phone call.
  • General UI cleanup and visual tweaks

5. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a sorting issue that displayed disabled users incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that always granted recipients of a Custom Messenger download access to large previews.
  • Resolved an issue that caused delays when using the “Print PDF” feature.
  • Fixed an issue with the saving metadata message in the Metadata Messenger.
  • Fixed a bug that, in some cases, triggered an error message during metadata editing.
  • Fixed a delay with launching the DFS Downloader during downloads of large sets of files.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Queue for Send” feature that prevented Messengers from being sent.
  • General text and alignment fixes to the application.

Please contact DF Studio support with any questions or for more information about this release.

Download the full release notes below.