DF Studio is pleased to announce that the following changes are being deployed to all accounts this August. Up-to-date information on the latest releases can always be found in the Release Notes listing.


  • Metadata Messengers can now be configured to allow recipients to create Edits by setting select levels for assets along with the existing metadata editing tools.
  • Messenger recipients must now click a button to request a PIN for Messengers protected by a Messenger PIN; PINs will no longer be sent automatically when the Messenger link is loaded.
Uploads & Assignments
  • The default Setup option within the browser-based uploader has been reverted to its earlier behavior, and no longer automatically creates Setups unless requested to do so.
  • When entering a Setup name in the “Custom Setup” field, the upload configuration panel will now automatically select the “Custom Setup” option.
File Management & Organization
  • The Recent and Bookmarks menus now provide instant access to move assets to a Project or add them to a Collection with a single click.
  • PDF assets can now be previewed in their entirety in an interactive viewer within the DF Studio account.
  • The advanced search interface has been streamlined to allow complex searches to be customized and executed more easily and intuitively.
  • Asset searches within a Project or Collection have adopted the same updated interface from the advanced search functionality.
  • The consistency of typography in notifications and overlays has been refined for readability and clarity.
Managing Users & Teams
  • The Add User page will no longer display a billing alert when adding a user above the account’s included amount.
Security & Protection
  • Browser Verification codes are no longer accepted if the code is entered into a different browser than the one requesting it.

Bug Fixes

Selects & Approvals
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the select level buttons from appearing in some configurations.
  • Addressed a problem which caused the “No Border” select level style from the Viewing Preferences to omit the display of select levels altogether.
Uploads & Assignments
  • Resolved an error with the Assignment Key link for DFS Speed Link which is sent by email with a new Assignment.
Downloads & Transfers
  • Downloads can no longer be performed using the legacy web-based Java applet.
Account Administration
  • Addressed an issue which could cause errors when attempting to enter billing information to convert a trial account to a new subscription.
  • Corrected a typographical error in the invoicing message for certain account billing models.
File Management & Organization
  • Resolved an issue which caused proofsheet views to become unresponsive when paging through a large number of assets in 1-Up view.
  • Fixed a bug which produced incomplete search results within a Project or Collection when submitting queries containing multiple keywords.
  • Corrected a bug which collapsed the Recent and Bookmarks menus for some users immediately after logging in to a DF Studio account.
  • Addressed a problem which caused the 1-Up view to display improperly in some web browsers.
  • Resolved an issue which caused the tooltip to display empty when hovering a folder icon in the Navigation Path.
  • Fixed a bug which displayed incomplete information in the Navigation Path when displaying an asset in 1-Up view.
  • Corrected a bug which could result in a Collection appearing in the Move to Collection overlay in situations where the user lacks the appropriate permissions to move assets there.
  • Resolved a problem which caused the quick-access buttons for some Collections to be erroneously disabled.
  • Corrected an issue which rendered the “refresh” icon unreliable when used in 1-Up view.
  • Addressed a bug which affected the efficiency of deleting items from a DF Studio account.
  • Resolved an issue with the messaging in the History Inspector when saving Notes content.
  • Updated an incompatible configuration in order to restore support for publishing assets to WordPress.
  • Adjusted the display of column headers under the Published Items list for greater readability.