DF Studio is pleased to announce that the following changes have been deployed to all accounts throughout this August. Up-to-date information on the latest releases can always be found in the Release Notes listing.


  • Date & Time metadata fields offer the option to store times with user-specified time zones.
  • Custom metadata fields can be configured to store the association between a person shown and their role(s) in a production.
  • Specific metadata fields incorporate support for Metadata Terms defined and sourced from an external system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which incorrectly displayed a non-functional “Queue for Send” button when multiple Collections were selected, in cases where the user did not have permissions granted to send Messengers from the selected Collections.
  • Resolved a bug which could cause failures when sending Messengers to a Contact Group which had been created with an extra space in its name.
  • Adjusted the description of the “Closable” feature when creating a new Messenger, to make the options easier to understand.
  • Addressed an issue which prevented sortable tokens in metadata fields from being stored in the proper order after being rearranged.
  • Resolved a bug which caused the letter case of metadata values to be overridden by Metadata Terms defined elsewhere in the DF Studio account, rather than defaulting to the preferred formatting as entered.
  • Resolved an issue which could cause values added to a metadata field to be duplicated when using Metadata Terms.
Account Administration
  • Addressed a bug which could prevent the addition of billing information at the end of a free account trial period.
File Management & Organization
  • Clarified the functionality of the “Delete” button for Projects, by renaming it to “Delete Project.”
  • Adjusted the wording around Notes features in the History Inspector to improve readability.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause delays in the process of adding visual annotations to an asset preview.