DF Studio is continuously iterating upon its feature sets and introducing new ones. In between regularly scheduled software updates, the development team issues smaller point releases that contain enhancements, bug fixes, and performance tweaks. We are pleased to announce that the following changes are being deployed to all accounts this July. Up-to-date information on the latest releases can always be found in the Release Notes listing.


  • A link has been added for reviewing the contact information of a Messenger sender, for more consistent accessibility across all Messenger templates and platforms.
  • Download options are now available in the configuration for new Metadata Messengers.
  • Mobile Messenger performance has been improved for Messengers containing over 1,000 images.
  • Buttons for appropriate Messenger actions are offered in the Table of Contents for Multi-Messengers.
  • The swiping navigation on Mobile Messengers has been enhanced to make it more intuitive.
  • Browser-level spell-checking is now enabled in the Message field when creating a new Messenger.
  • Improved the Messenger Preview feature in the New Messenger overlay to support the previewing of Notes content.
Asset Storage
  • The automated generation of preview images has been improved for greater storage efficiency.
  • All text-searchable metadata fields are now included when conducting a global search.
Uploads & Assignments
  • Web-based upload operations are no longer capped at 2,500 individual files transferred.
  • Support for the processing of CR3, RAF, and NEF raw image formats has been improved.
  • Support for processing HEIC/HEIF images has been added.
  • Drag-and-drop uploading is now supported for all browser-based uploads, including Upload Users and recipients of Upload Keys or Assignment Keys.
  • Since the Upload button now opens the re-engineered upload window, the buttons for Upload Keys, Messenger Import, and uploading with DFS Speed Link were moved from the Upload overlay to the Project Inspector.
  • The Upload Key overlay has been updated for improved clarity.
File Management & Organization
  • The search limit has been increased to return 10,000 matches instead of a maximum of 5,000.
  • The Default Setup in DF Studio Projects has been renamed to “No Setup” for greater clarity.
  • New Projects are no longer automatically renamed if their name is an exact match for an existing Project.
Security & Protection
  • The VSP overlay now displays on video previews while playing.
  • The Browser Verification email notification has been reformatted to make it easier to copy and paste the verification code.
  • A user-generated password is required when logging in using a temporary user password created by DF Studio support staff.
  • An approximated location has been added to the Messenger PIN notification message, based on the IP address of the user requesting Messenger access.
  • DF Studio’s Browser Verification feature can now be enabled for appropriate users on DF Studio accounts configured for single sign-on (SSO) authentication.
  • A list of verified browsers can now be viewed for appropriate users on DF Studio accounts configured for SSO authentication.
API & Integration
Additional Enhancements
  • When generating a PDF proofsheet including a missing image, placeholder images are now included instead of a blank space.
  • The zoom tool has been enhanced when analyzing image previews in 1-Up view.
  • Zoom performance has been improved when zooming using a mouse scroll wheel.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that caused Messenger delivery to fail when re-sending to one or more previous recipients and checking the “send to self” box.
  • Constrained Messenger expiration dates to a maximum of 24 months from the current date.
  • Fixed an issue which made scrolling impossible on Messengers after navigating to a new page of previews.
  • Corrected a bug which could result in Messenger recipients gaining access to a larger version of an image preview than the size that was specified for delivery.
  • Addressed a problem which prevented the downloading of large previews from some Messengers in which they were offered for download.
  • Resolved a bug which prevented downloading files from a Messenger if their file type was unknown.
  • Corrected an issue which prevented files from being available for download from a Mobile Messenger when original files were not included in the Messenger configuration.
  • Addressed a glitch which could allow some previews to be displayed in a Messenger which were larger than the custom preview size configured when creating the Messenger.
  • The correct phone number is now displayed in the contact information section of Messengers.
  • Removed the display of phone numbers in the contact information for Messengers when no phone number is configured for the user account sending the Messenger.
  • Corrected a glitch which could cause the custom link for the account logo in the left sidebar of a Messenger to function improperly.
  • Improved the default dates when searching Messengers under the Messenger tab.
  • Resolved an issue which caused errors to be displayed when clicking buttons in the Messenger Inspector before a Messenger had completed sending.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the accurate display of a Messenger’s configuration state after using the Edit Details screen to deselect some options from an existing Messenger.
  • Addressed an issue where incorrect watermark configuration was appearing when editing details on an existing Messenger.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the latest configuration changes to a Messenger to be reflected when using the “Preview” button from the Messenger options screen.
  • The Mobile Messenger interface can now be previewed when previewing a Messenger from the New Messenger overlay and clicking the “Mobile” button at the bottom of the left sidebar in the previewed Messenger.
  • Corrected a display glitch in which new tabs/windows opened while using the New Messenger overlay were displayed in a frame resembling the New Messenger overlay.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the “Cc” field from appearing in the configuration settings for a Messenger in certain contexts.
  • Resolved a glitch in the display of Messenger actions in the Activity view.
  • Corrected an issue which allowed video previews to be zoomed when viewing a Messenger.
  • Removed the option to disable “show previews” when sending a Download Messenger.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented some Messenger expiration reminders from being distributed by email.
  • Fixed a visual bug which caused excessive blank space at the bottom of the New Messenger overlay in certain situations.
  • Improved the layout of Mobile Messengers to prevent the on-screen keyboard from obscuring the comment entry field.
  • Fixed a glitch which prevented the use of keyboard shortcuts when setting select levels on assets in 1-Up view in a Messenger.
Selects & Approvals
  • Fixed a display issue which prevented the Approvals UI from appearing when selecting an asset in list view.
  • Resolved an issue which caused incorrect outcomes when adjusting the metadata for multiple selected assets at the same time, in cases where those assets began with matching metadata values.
  • Improved the reliability of metadata CSV imports when one or more columns in the CSV are unlabeled.
  • Updated error messaging when importing CSV metadata with malformed column headers in the CSV file.
  • Fixed a problem which caused metadata imports from CSV to fail under certain conditions.
  • Improved the processing of Metadata Terms when ingested based on a CSV metadata import, to prevent an issue in which new terms were added as a list rather than individual values.
  • Resolved a glitch which allowed Metadata Terms values to be created without any text content.
  • Corrected an issue which was preventing Metadata Terms from working as expected in the Find Assets overlay within Projects.
  • Adjusted the behavior of filters in the metadata editor so that the filtered fields appear as expected when configuring the filters to display an intersection of field types (e.g., empty AND pinned).
  • Fixed an issue which caused metadata fields to disappear during editing when the metadata editor was filtered to “Empty” fields.
  • Corrected the display of type-ahead values when editing a field using Metadata Terms so that the entire value is always visible.
  • Prevented the selection of an existing Metadata Term from the type-ahead values, since the value is already entered into the metadata field.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the metadata editor from displaying when certain custom metadata configurations were implemented.
  • Addressed a problem which prevented a user’s selected metadata editor groups from remaining activated when navigating to new assets.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause some visual badge icons to be misaligned in the workspace and metadata editor.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the “Save & Next” and “Save & Prev” buttons from functioning as expected in the Metadata overlay.
Uploads & Assignments
  • Fixed an issue which could result in Assignment Keys failing to authenticate when using a valid email address.
  • Corrected a bug which prevented upload operations from appearing in an asset’s history when performed via external plug-ins.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the successful download of some files without file extensions.
Account Administration
  • Addressed a problem which prevented some account types from taking advantage of the full number of included users for the account type.
  • Clarified that the phone number is not a required field on the Contact Info Settings screen.
File Management & Organization
  • Resolved a bug which was redirecting users to a previous Project or Library view when creating a new Collection from a Library view, rather than displaying the new Collection.
  • Fixed a problem which affected the reliability of search results for certain fields when using the Find Assets tool.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the adjustment of a Collection’s sharing status on DF Studio accounts that do not support node permissions.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Setups menu from being immediately displayed in a Project when new assets and Setups were added.
  • Improved the reliability of importing and stacking files with .cof, .cop, .cot, and .r3d file extensions.
  • Improved the correct interpretation of regular expression input when using the “Select Images by Name” feature.
  • Clarified the display of folder hierarchy in the folder picker.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Project or Collection names to be created with spaces at the beginning, which affected searching and sorting by name.
  • Image dimensions of cropped files are now reported correctly based on the dimensions of the stored image, and not the dimensions of the original file before cropping.
  • Fixed a bug that changed the view to 1-Up when selecting a single asset, adding it to a Collection, and using the “Add to and Stay” button.
  • Corrected a bug which caused the improper sorting of files in files view when more than one asset is named identically.
  • Improved the behavior when clicking on the current folder in the folder picker, so that this action will not result in the deselection of the folder.
  • Adjusted the notification in the History Inspector when recording an asset’s transition between Cold Storage and Active Storage to remove extraneous text.
Managing Users & Teams
  • Adjusted the functionality of the user account settings page so that admin users cannot inadvertently demote themselves.
  • Adjusted the Edit Team overlay so that user accounts are sorted in the same order as on the Users and Teams Settings page.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause unintended results when editing more than one user’s settings in separate tabs/windows at the same time.
Security & Protection
  • Corrected an issue which prevented a new password from being stored when a user was prompted to replace an expired password.
  • Improved the rendering of VSP overlays, resulting in greater efficiency and resolving intermittent errors when rendering the overlay text.
  • Addressed issues that were causing the VSP overlay to appear at the wrong size when viewing a slideshow or adjusting the width of the Asset Inspector.
  • Resolved an issue in which some user accounts were not displaying a properly traceable code in their VSP overlay text.
  • Resolved a dependency which caused authentication to fail in certain contexts.
  • Addressed an unexploited vulnerability that may have allowed the same login session to be in use on more than one computer at the same time.
API & Integration
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the download of files without a file extension through the DF Studio API.
Additional Bug Fixes
  • Addressed an issue which caused the Activity list to display errors when its historical state was filtered to the activity for a Project or Collection that had been deleted.
  • Resolved an issue which was displaying the “Remove” button when selecting multiple assets in a Collection even to users who did not have permissions configured to allow removing assets from Collections.
  • Corrected a glitch which prevented the proper loading of thumbnails when removing an asset from a Collection caused an asset from the next page to move to the current page.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the New Collection overlay from displaying if it had been recently displayed and canceled by the user.
  • Addressed an issue which allowed the “Add” buttons in the Add to Collection overlay to be clicked multiple times, often resulting in multiple new Collections.
  • Existing Collections are now sorted alphabetically when listed in the Add to Collection overlay.
  • Resolved a problem with CSV generation which prevented certain non-English characters from being exported as question marks.
  • Addressed a misconfiguration which was preventing selection links such as “Select all on page” from appearing in files view.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented previews from appearing in 1-Up when navigating past the last asset on the current proofsheet page.
  • Corrected an issue which caused the title bar of the Project Inspector to be displayed twice in some contexts.
  • Fixed a display issue which truncated the name of the currently selected folder in the folder picker.
  • Corrected an issue which caused some folder names incorporating special characters to be displayed incorrectly in the titles that appear when hovering the mouse pointer over folder icons in the Navigation Path.
  • Resolved a problem that caused some images to be zoomed too much when displayed in a slideshow view.
  • Corrected a problem which prevented the “quick look” feature from working when viewing a list of search results.
  • Resolved a display issue in the output when clicking on an error from the Activity listing.